Friday, January 4, 2013

New York Legislature to Introduce Bills Making Posession of Any AWB Firearms Illegal, Remove Grandfathering

From TTAG.


Anonymous said...

Screw them all ! Who are they to tell us what we can and can not have ? They think were going to roll on our backs and pee on ourselves ? All i can say is from my cold dead hands MF-ers!!!!!!!!!

J. Travis said...

NY and California.

They passed state bans duplicating the Fed ban. They grandfathered and registered, like good little law abiding
NRA members.

Watch the inevitable goal of "registration, there.

Some will go down fighting.

Watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

There's a kind of "freedom" inherent in the statist's proposals to criminalize private possession of "military pattern weapons". Criminals don't obey laws ! The consequences of a bone deep realization of this fact by citizens could prove interesting.

IOW, if you're already slated for hanging why not die with your teeth in the throat of an enemy ? (A factor I've yet to see discussed re "mass killing" incidents. >Jeff

Paul X said...

Time for gun owners to finally bail out of states like NY, Illinois and California. Let them turn in to "gun free, criminal friendly" zones to be an example for the rest of the states. There are a lot of places where they will be appreciated more.

Hefferman said...

So it starts in NY. I guess NY is not too far to drive. Good luck and good hunting.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

"Watch the inevitable goal of registration, there. Some will go down fighting. Watch and learn."

Should that be the case then ALL OF US should consider that an attack on US as a group, not sit back and watch the show on their complicit media.

Yank lll