Friday, January 4, 2013

Latest news from the dead elephant party. The "problem" is the Tea Party base.

GOP scrambles to fix its primary problem
Conservatives rebel against John Boehner
John Boehner reelected speaker of the House
Conservatives gone wild.


Anonymous said...

" Problem ? ! " , You no good sonsabitches , you just wait til the next election cycle !. If this place isn`t in flames by then.

GA Patriot said...

Perhaps it is time for a new party. Call it The Citizens Party. To distinguish us from the Subjects.

Michael Gilson said...

They are still in denial that they aren't our last chance, we are their last chance, and they've pissed it away.

As far as primary rules, and Akins, go with a run off primary of the two top candidates when no one gets over 50 percent. Akins wasn't the tea party choice in the primary, in fact the Democratic incumbent contributed to his primary campaign which should have been a clue, but because he got a hair over one third of the vote and the other two candidates got a hair under one third he won the primary. Compare this to the ultimately victorious Cruz in Texas.

Paul X said...

I was going to leave the following comment on the last article but it's facebook, and I am done with them...

It's all too easy to rationalize sucking up to the King. I am more impressed with men who say no, no matter what the consequences. No doubt all this maneuvering will be repeated on a gun ban. "At least we saved the hunting rifles," Boner will no doubt explain. We'll see how impressed people will be with that after the Revolution is done.