Saturday, January 12, 2013

More crooked bastards of both parties. Harry Reid implicated.

Utah A.G. tied to alleged fraud, says indicted businessman


Trinity said...

He didn't earn the moniker, "Dingy Harry" for nothing. A little small town attorney who soon after opening a private practice gave it up in order to eat. He went on the "public payroll" as a salaried attorney and then realized that the real money is in electoral power as a "broker" (code for accepting bribes from special interests).

For a man who has essentially been in a salaried job all his life -- albeit an over-payed public "salary" -- and living in one of the most expensive (and "rewarding") areas of the country -- the man is worth, according to public records (meaning it's a very low ball figure, if not a flat out lie) -- over $5M. Like most of our "trusted public officials," if the money is right he falls to his knees and his teeth retract.

Gunny G said...

I have relatives in NV who I chatted with today who ARE NOT surprised. They said he has been crooked for decades.

Anonymous said...

A corrupt justice system is just one more, possibly the best , reason to scrap the whole pile and start over. If there is anything worse than a dirty cop, it is a dirty cops' boss!

Anonymous said...

OI read the SLTrib story, and it sounds like:
#1 - a "he said, she said", with neither one having a preponderance of proof of the truth of their side of the story.
#2 - a Dem is trying to discredit the newly minted Repub AG before the AG even gets started in his job. And the Dem wants to get Honest Eric "Gunwalker" Holder involved in the Federal investigation. Now THAT's like asking a vampire to guard a Red Cross blood bank.
Who's hiding what, I wonder, that they don't want the new Utah AG to investigate??

B Woodman

Happy D said...

Remember this is The Salt Lake Tribune Utah's Quisling "news"paper reporting on a Republican.
I strongly suggest confirmation from less biased sources like Mr.Swallow's worst enemy or Satan before trusting anything a Trib reporter has to say.

Anonymous said...

"How wide doth the web of corruption spread? Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." A few words which succinctly define our infamous pseudo Rome. Soon, Caeser(aka King Obomination) will attempt to build a monument to stupidity, whereby the city will burn. They never learn. EVER.

For a while, I tried to inform myself to the legal happenings in the little town I currently live in, by joining other citizens at County Commissioner meetings, random court proceedings, local law enforcement conferences etc. After a while, you see the same people, involved in establishing ordinances, budgets, contract offerings, etc etc etc. After six months, it became blindingly obvious, Carlin was dead on..It's a big BIG CLUB and I wasn't in it..and never will be. Thank god. Welcome to the BIG CLUB...

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid?



How can this possibly be true?

Did one of his "protection" checks bounce or what?