Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making a list and checking it twice.

This just in from a reader:
Here is an excellent source of accurate information for HUMINT.
Try it out then couple it with: to cross check.
All public information.
Just in case you want to check up on your ex-wife, or something. For informational purposes only.


Anonymous said...

In our county, older farmhouses have interesting lightning rods. The design variety is remarkable - ornate with blown glass to the purely functional. Regardless of appearance, all shared the same purpose - divert the strike to a disposable asset and protect those who bought and paid for them. I don't know how many were sacrificed "in the line of duty", so to speak, but the houses remained.

Anonymous said...

It's free and seems to work from usps a change of address dayabase

Anonymous said...

Zabasearch is another great source to whittle the total info into accurate information. Lots of the powerful like to be in the limelight and there is always some sycophant willing to write up a personal expose piece on how "enchanted" the person is. PUKE!