Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Will Not Be Intimidated

"I have lived my entire life on borrowed time and now in the twilight of my years, I have but one thing to say to those determined to take away or limit my right to own a firearm and to transform and destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind. I, and many like me, will not be intimidated and you will only accomplish your ultimate ends over our dead bodies."


Anonymous said...

I'd rather it be THEIR dead bodies . . .

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I’m trying to see the bright side of the current disaster in DC. Since the Law of Unintended Consequences hasn’t been repealed, here are my top 20 reasons to support the Difi Assault Weapons Ban and any other measure her or Bloomberg want to pass. After putting this list together, I don’t feel so bad any more. The inspiration for this is linked below.

1. No more pesky yellow forms to fill out

2. You can wear your Che Guerva beret in public and not be laughed at

3. No more worried about being on the no fly list....only granny deserves to be treated this badly

4. You are no longer eligible for prosecution since you’ll be a real criminal, just keep plenty of cash on hand and the chief on speed dial

5. Your toy budget won’t be supporting the California teachers retirement plan

6. No more waiting in line at Wal Mart, everything sold in the parking lot!

7. Prices will go down due to surplus AKs and ammo now being abundant, plus no smith fees for that really silly downgrade. We only have 5 million now, and there are 95 million more in the world! Let’s get them!

8. That grenade launcher or artillery piece you've always wanted ……..and ammo for it will be plentiful as pot..

9. Cheap Silencers!

10. No more paperwork or legal fees after self defense shootings, just leave the body where it is and someone will be along to clean up the mess...eventually.....just like Chicago and Detroit.

11. No more traffic tickets! Cops will be too busy with unsolved murders…….again, just like Chicago or Detroit

12. No more listening to politicians running for office, since the elections will be permanently canceled

13. Banks will actually offer customer service when you call and the IRS will be polite.

14. ATF agents will rival the competence, professionalism and integrity of the …..…TSA!

15. Expanded career choices due to various drug and warlords hiring people with your unique skill set…..the ability to shoot straight and teach others to do so

16. Your “civilized” liberal metrosexual neighbors will cry when they find out the “barbarian” isn’t around to protect them anymore

17. You might be eligible for a Fast and Furious Weapon!

18. Republican establishment reveals itself to be unemployed Democrats

19. Your beat up 60 y/o POS hunting rifle will now be considered an ultra-cool long range sniper rifle

20. Blue Helmets make great targets.

Anonymous said...

Your decision. Too bad you're too stupid and paranoid to be reasonable, but the species will have to march on without your backward kind.

Joseph P. Martino said...

I'd rather do it over their dead bodies.

Paul X said...

Anon, the species will indeed march on, but the question is, who will be fit enough to survive?

I would put my money on the gun owners. The meek and the boot lickers will not inherit the earth.

bubba said...

You think we're un-reasonable now? I can only imagine what you're going to think about us in the near future.

LordChamp said...

I'm curious Anon...just what is reasonable?

Anonymous said...

Lol oh anon 535. You sound like a brave lion from your moms basement. Your kind are traitors.

Ed said...

On January 2, 2013, following the school shooting in Newtowne, Connecticut, George Mason University Professor of Economics Walter E. Williams wrote a column worth reading containing many historic quotes titled “Why the 2nd Amendment”:
Thirteen years earlier on May 24 1999, following multiple school shootings, he closed a similar article titled “An Armed Citizenry and Liberty” with his own pertinent quote:
“I don't know about you. But if you ever hear that Williams' guns have been confiscated, you'll know that Williams is dead.”
Timeless, eh?

Liberty or Death said...

@anonymous 5:35, are you going to be on one of the teams rounding up the guns? Na, you are too much of a trollish punk hiding behind the federal government to do anothing other than troll websites.

As for me, I also refuse to be intimidated.I have taken The Oath of Enlistment 7 times and I fully intent to uphold my Oath to The Constitution. My preps are 100% complete and I am at peace with what could happen. The survival of our Republic is more important than my own. This is something you could never understand.


Gunny G said...

Anon @ 5:35pm.

You'll make a fine slave or someone's bitch.

FREE MEN prefer to live free or die.

My family has not fought in every war since WW1 to lay down our arms and go to bended knee.

White Bear said...

I spent over 30 years as a street cop in a big city. I always thought I was on borrowed time. I was always ready to die for what I believed in, and retirement hasn't changed that. If this is to be my Alamo moment then so be it. Not planning to "go gently into that good night".

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
What anymouse #1 and Joe Martino said. 'Talk about living on borrowed time?? Only God knows when and where the next Lexington & Concord will be and right now,"He ain't Talkin'!!!!!!!!"
Blue skyz Buddy,

H said...

Anonymous at January 10, 2013 5:35 PM
Your comment I can only read as the result of not reading the article linked to.
You might want to read it and learn what evil you have just sided/conspired with.

Then look up the name and word Quisling.

Bloody-mindedness-ly Yours,

Superior nuisance, Happy D.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm less than half you age. I pledge my life in this fight as well.

johnny gee said...

So internet rumbling is red list have been activated. See Keith Ratliff and Mike Noveske. Hope this sees you weel, and hopefully well protected.

bondmen said...

Did you hear Craig B. Hulet tonight (1-10-13) on Coast to Coast with John B. Wells? He clearly laid it all out as to what the progressive left is up to, and what they have in mind for white, Christian heterosexual men in America. I've never heard it said as pointedly as Craig said it tonight. It's comin' on like a wall of water men, stand tall and stay strong and reserve a few surprises for the time when the bell rings.

FreedomOrDeathIndeed said...

Anon535, I smell you:

You smell of government largesse...
and government 'education'
and jism gargling
and fudge packing
and death

Chuck said...

@Anon. January 10, 2013 5:18 PM:

Fixed number 11 for you:

11. No more traffic tickets! Cops will be too busy dodging IEDs and ambushes.

Anonymous said...

FreedomorDeathIndeed sounds like he's SCREAMINGLY in the closet. I bet you'll fight heroically to defend your boyfriend, huh, FODI?

This society will be SO much better off with your kind in the ground.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Just thought of this quote, I think it's appropriate for the times, and maybe it's timeless.

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed;
if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly;
you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
There may be a worse case.
You may have to fight when there is no hope for victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.
-Sir Winston Churchill-

Need I say more??