Sunday, January 6, 2013

Illinois legislation pulled.

Nekritz pulls gun legislation


Osmium said...

The gun grabbers are simply conducting the political equivalent of probing attacks to see how the people will respond. Their voting base is too fired up and their preparations (DHS buying APCs, billions of rounds, etc) are too far along for them to quit. Expect them to either attack in more subtle ways or them to create a catastrophe of sufficient magnitude to distract or unite the people into giving up more liberties.

Trinity said...

Very appropriate comment entered under the linked video:

By "HereinLasVegas: 3 hours ago:

"Good news. But what kind of Country are we living in when there is applause for the lords and masters not taking away our God Given Rights? This is how far we have sunk, next will we be kissing their feet? This should have never been an issue and the fact that it was is proof of just how far we have sunk and how close we are to losing it all. [emphasis added]

While these are sad words indeed, I'm always encouraged when new voices from the wilderness add to the rising calliphony in this poor, tortured country concerning the fascist government we've allowed to take control...

Trinity said...

A friend of mine who's son works for one of the Illinois self anointed House demigods (his name for his boss -- he's looking for new work) said that his son reported -- off the record -- that his boss and most of the other House members from non-Chicago districts were literally getting buried in calls, people demanding to meet and emails with 90%+ outraged over even the possibility of instituting any form of further gun control or prohibitions in the state.

Perhaps the sheeple are in fact finally awakening -- let us pray it is so...

Ashrak said...

Trinity -
I was the very first person to start clapping upon being told that the legislation was being yanked from consideration in the judiciary committee. I assure you that I had zero cheers for anything besides the VICTORY had in that action.

Most saw the hearing as a formality with the real battle to take place on the floor of the house. The gun banners BALKED bro. They got slammed and their wicked attempt was such a wreck that even borderline banners shied away from it. It was TOXIC.

We were cheating because we have started to WIN here in the LAND OF LINCOLN. Now, lets just hope and pray that the NRA and other groups have not sold us all down the river in making a "deal" that is "good for us both" when the clock is already counting down to eventual CONSTIUTIONAL CARRY that requires notion more than the tic of the clock. Fitting end that would be as folks can already become FELONS here by that same mechanic. (FOID expiration)

I mean no disrespect Trinity but the claim we cheered as your post construed and for such a reason demonstrates as much merit as Diane feinateins gun control bills. You know. NONE.

Trinity said...

@Ashrak: You misunderstand why it was sad that there was a tremendous cheering when the bill was pulled. Obviously it's a happy and positive thing that it was pulled and most definitely deserved cheering.

The sadness is that as a free society we have sunken so far, we have lost so much freedom and individual liberty we are left to celebrating the temporary reprieve from a new draconian law aimed at further subjugation of us by the collectivists. We are left with cheering for tentatively retaining small, shrinking snatches of liberty rather than celebrating permanent, positive advances in liberty.

The sadness, my friend, is not in the act of cheering for this temporary reprieve, but that we don't have anything more substantial and permanent to cheer for. It's just proof of how much we have lost as a free people and how close we are to losing the remaining small patches of liberty the collectivists are working hard to eliminate.

To paraphrase Thomas Paine, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, and my son's day, that my grandchildren may have true liberty in peace."

Jensko said...

Oh yes! There was a great groundswell of activity from us. When the phone lines were tied up, the voicemail boxes full, email boxes full. We went to filing witness slips to the Judiciary. We even had people from outside the surrounding states calling in saying that they would no longer do business in Illinois.

You could here some one yell "Resist the Tyrants" in the last second of the video.

The Illinois State Rifle Association ISRA has been a bullwork for us here in Illinois, Fighting for our gun rights since 1903. They have been on the front line in all of this.

Anoun Amouse said...

The ILGA's chicago members like Acevedo, Munoz, Williams, are just political hacks, of whom some despise gun ownership, some are indifferent but will sell their soul and piss on the constitution to maintain their spots. A state rep spot to the chicago machine is where you either start political hopefuls or hide the Frado's.

Ashrak said...

Trinity -
Listen. Please.
I did not start clapping in a silent room because a temporary reprieve took place. I did not start the cheering with my claps because the bills were pulled temporarily.

There is a tidal change happening here in Illinois demonstrated by a COMMITTEE backtrack. You see friend, the backlash is becoming so obvious that the grabber shad to give up on something long viewed as simple formality - committee!!!!

What the cheering is about is victory not in the legislation department but instead in the PROCESS. Department. Moments of insight are taking place within the Chicago machine. The longstanding ability to RHAM thru whatever they want is coming to an end. A sense of responsibility for doing so is starting to cause retraction.

Instead of opining about why people were excited, how about listening to the person who was the very first to respond with applause?

Is it a small victory? You betcha! Yet it is important none the less. Now, lets see if the NRA's lead man chooses to recognize it and stand firm for another 150 days with the understanding that WE are now in the drivers seat or if he chooses to give the candy store right back to govt for nothing. Lets watch with open eyes and witness wether the NRA is truly for Constiitutional Carry or for government permission slips.