Sunday, January 6, 2013

Buchanan: "There Would Be A Revolution" If Government Confiscated Weapons

Well, at least somebody understands what's about to happen.


Osmium said...

Does a bear shit in the woods? Well okay I am surprised that someone in government besides Rand Paul is sane.

Anonymous said...

"There Would Be A Revolution" If Government Confiscated Weapons

No there wouldn't. The Republicans don't want liberty. They would rather have the statist GOP.

They couldn't see how similar Romney is to Obama. They don't understand the free market, so they think Paul Ryan is a defender of it.

The GOP is selling out, and Republican voters still want to work within the party.

No, they're going to take it up the butt like they did Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

"270 million guns in this country right now, with 16 million being added every year"..

Hmmm. What's that saying....Oh yeah:

"In warfare, 'quantity' has a 'quality' all its own."

Alabama Gun Owner said...

I too believe there would be a revolution.
If the RINOs stand in the way they would simply be the first losers.

Anonymous said...

Know your numbers. It doesn't require anything like a majority, a plurality or anything of that sort.

Just a number of people equal to one year of gun purchases would be enough for a full bore revolution.

Its five times the 3% our host thinks will fight , about the size of the entire US military in WW2 and 5x larger than all possible security forces together,

Paul X said...

Two idiots, Malvo and Muhammad, with one AR-15 tied Washington DC in knots for 3 weeks, with the entire metropolitan police force in the area looking for them. It is indeed true that you don't need anywhere near a majority for a revolution. I don't think you need even 1%.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if there are 270 million guns in the US

if no-one has the guts to use even one of them?