Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another LEO mandarin for citizen disarmament advocates banning "assault magazines."

From his Politico bio: "San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón has worked in law enforcement nearly his entire career, most recently as San Francisco’s police chief. Before that, he served as police chief in Mesa, Ariz., and as assistant chief of police in Los Angeles."
Time to ban 'assault magazines'
America’s district attorneys, its police chiefs, sheriffs and law enforcement officials should immediately and loudly voice their support for the large-capacity magazine ban.
Large magazines serve no useful purpose in civilian life except to extend shootouts, magnify carnage and suffering and put the lives of law enforcement officers and civilians at risk.
And the banning of them will serve no purpose except to start a civil war.
There are probably in excess of one hundred million of these greater-then-ten-round mags in the lawful possession of firearm owners today. Take the ones manufactured for just the M-1 Carbine, both 15 and 30 rounders. There were more than 6 million M1 Carbines made between August 1941 and June 1945. I don't have a number of how many magazines of both types were made for these 6 million carbines by the US government in the time frame of 1942 to the Vietnam War when the carbine was finally taken out of service but the number has got to be at least a factor of twenty times 6 million. Even allowing for those expended in wartime and shipped overseas were talking many, many magazines, not counting the after-market ones built since then. I don't know a carbine owner that doesn't have at least ten mags of both types.
Then there's greater-than-ten rounders for semi-auto pistols and all manner of rifles. Just how does this stupid Only One think that he is going to get them all in the face of armed resistance?


Longbow said...

Now is your time!

All you "really good guys" in Law Imposement, who say you support the People's right to Keep and carry arms, now is your time to speak the fuck up! Tell worthless, traitorous, oath-breaking piece of garbage he can go fornicate with himself!

If you are not speaking up now, you are no worth a bucket of cold piss! If you are not speaking up now, you are showing yourselves to be on his side. You think like he does? By God say it!

Anonymous said...

Question: " Just how does this stupid Only One think that he is going to get them all in the face of armed resistance?"

Answer: Mr. Macho Man will strike a stunning pose and that will frighten us all into doing whatever he says.....I mean, he is the law, right? Sarcasm off now.

Oh and Longbow, I agree. It is high time the guys wearing badges and state issued costumes speak up. Whose side are you on? The gov or the people.

But telling a guy like this to fuck himself may be tantamount to foreplay! We are talking about a cop from that manly city by the bay, San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of having these elitist fools refer to the rest of us as "civilians". We are not civilians, we are CITIZENS. The distinction is important. By implication, if we are civilians then we are non-combatants and LEO's become an occupation force at war with us rather than public servants. Because we belong to the general and unorganized militia we have more right and need for militia suitable weapons than the police who merely serve us.

We will remain armed as is our right and we shall do so with whatever magazine types we find necessary and effective. Gascon and everyone like him can go to hell.

tom said...

It's almost like they don't know that it only takes a second to drop and swap.

The only way any magazine this mook will ever see that's an "assault magazine" is if somebody whacks him on top of the head with one. Then it WOULD be an assault magazine.

Otherwise, they are just magazines.

CCWTrainer said...

This idiot fits right in with the Left Coast.
He was assisted out here in Phoenix because he was so worthless and administratively inept. Further. he was embroiled in a double dipping of retirement funds as well, if memory serves.
This guy was and is an absolute hack!

Anonymous said...

Someone should take his copy of Playgirl and yoop him up along side his head. Now that would be an assault magazine.

tom said...


I knew a very good SFPD cop who started his career with arms on the way to VietNam. Good motorcycle cop. Good guy. Of course he always lived in Oakland, but I have lived in the Bay Aryan Nation a few times and there are a lot of normal people. It's just normal people don't go around having parades to proclaim they are normal. I even legally carried on BART. No joke.

They got taken over politically by liberals, but a lot of the good folks still exist. Significant number of military contractors still in some of my old stomping grounds. None of them wear rainbows.

But it does go to show what happens when you don't fight bad legislation on either a local or national level. California was a very pleasant place to be for a LONG TIME. Even SF.

And somebody should still smack the fellow on the head with a magazine while leaving the other on the desk to show him the difference between a magazine and an "assault magazine".

Gunny G said...

You can comment on this craphead's article at:

Let em know we're not gonna follow their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I believe this fuck needs an introduction to the OathKeepers.

alabama gun owner said...

What afuckin' tool this guy is!
Strike a pose scare a gun owner.
Take a hike you f'in moron.
He needs to go into movies - obviously that's where he wants to be.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

This LEO is just telling us what HE is afraid of. Most well balanced LEO's aren't advocating disarmament, but the wussies are because they fear us, usually with good reason. This type of LEO spends his time cutting a swath through his community and pissing off his neighbors and he KNOWS they want a piece of his ass. These LEO's know hardly anybody ever gets killed with a high capacity high powered weapon, but they also know those same weapons turned on them would be very effective. A .223 round would blow through their light body armor like so much buttah and they have good reason to believe their neighbors might want to us it in this way.

The well balanced LEO has friends in his neighborhood and can remain friends with even the people he has had to arrest and book. He does not fear his neighbors being armed...he welcomes it because he knows they will use those arms to help him if he needs it.

Just sayin'

WoodBurner said...

“The one thing these attacks have in common: All were committed with large-capacity ammunition magazines.”
I’m going to guess Two things, No carry zones.

Longbow said...

Anonymous said, "Most well balanced LEO's aren't advocating disarmament..."

No, they are keeping quiet. They are NOT voicing their opposition. They have a vested interest in wielding power over the populations the supposedly "serve". They are more worried about keeping their thuggish jobs than they are about supporting their neighbors. They care more about maintaining a low profile than they are about honoring their Oath!

Hey Law Imposement guys, silence is consent!

Wait! What's that?

Oh yeah, silence.

Paul X said...

"Strike a pose scare a gun owner."

More likely, to impress his boyfriends.