Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"To What Lengths Did Someone Go to Scapegoat George Zimmerman?"

Very great lengths, apparently.
Seen in color, the “thug” who might be, becomes a wounded young man. Shock and fear ring his eyes. There may be small wounds or acne on his forehead. Blood drips from his nose and his lip appears to be busted open. His nose appears to be freshly broken. Instead of being a white ghoul emerging from shadows, he is a wounded man sitting in a car after a life-changing, possibly life-destroying, event has happened. The ghoul has flesh and blood after all. He bleeds.
From that color photo, taken in color at high resolution by law enforcement officers moments after the altercation, someone manufactured the grainy black and white photo and made the decision to hand that version, but not the full color version, over to Zimmerman’s defense. Who did that? Who manufactured that photo? How did they manufacture it? Why did they manufacture it?
Had the color photo been available in the days after Martin’s unfortunate death, there might never have been a backlash against the Sanford police. There might never have been a national movement to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. President Obama might never have taken sides with the New Black Panthers, who put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and with the usual tragedy trolls who always seek to convert corpses into political talking points. The NBC News edit that made Zimmerman sound racist could have been countered with a color photo showing Zimmerman’s wounds, corroborating his explanation of what happened that night. But someone chose to hide the color photo and manufacture the black and white, so that that photo would tell a different story.


Anonymous said...

A busted nose and bloody face, and a bloody wound to the back of his head. To what extent do injuries like this disorient a person? What are the chances he was in fear for his life? Zimmerman may have even wondered if a fatal wound, or at least permanent injury, had already been inflicted by the time he pulled the trigger.

Judgement Comes said...

Why in heaven's name would anyone be surprised to find that the law enforcement and judicial systems are just as corrupt or at least penetrated by the same fascism as the federal government?

I am not surprised. I am just afraid.

Anonymous said...

To what lengths? The same lengths that "they" have gone to in burying Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obama's past, ad nauseum. I'm also supposing they thought 'Zimmerman' was as white as the driven snow and ripe to be used to further Obama's divide and conquer racial agenda. They personify evil.

John Otis Comeau said...

I agree, they should have used the unretouched photo. At the same time, Zimmerman, to me, exposed himself as the thug with his 911 call. When one goes around profiling people for their appearance and chasing after them on foot, one can't then claim to be "standing his ground" when they turn around and attack. Had he stayed in his truck both he and Trayvon would be alive today. People who carry a deadly weapon need to hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior than those who don't, and George didn't do that.

rumcrook™ said...

so, zimmerman by your logic should have just allowed himself to be beaten to death? cause thats the logical conclusion.

and the punk kid was no where near zimmerman, he had to double back and attack a man standing in his own nieghborhood. and now acording to you he is not entitled to be on the street in his own nieghborhood becuase he may by his presence insight thug teens to run up and start beating him to death.
he was on his f***king back straddled and pinned to the ground being beaten to death, where exactly does he go from there?

stand his ground? you get followed around a nieghborhood you dont live in is not a legal defense for physically attcking someone pinning them down and beating them unconscious.

trayon brought his own death on himself.

Anonymous said...

I've had the feeling from day one that the white house scumbags were primed and ready for anything they could take advantage of and make a racial issue of, it just so happened it also involved a gun and a black gangbanger punk who they could promote as poor little innocent black victim.
Our domestic enemy is much lighter on their feet in creating media shit storms and we should take a lesson.

What I learned from this incident is if you're white dont fight, shoot, and run like the ghetto scum do, they know the rules better than whitey do.

The use of race to divide this country by our domestic enemy is nothing new especially when one of the original poverty pimps is involved, Al Sharpton..nothing new there.

Yank lll

Paul X said...

What, do people still watch mainstream "news" media? Why?

Anonymous said...

The site to read about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case is
The Conservative Treehouse/The Last Refuge.

Does anyone else get the sense the “legal teams” within these media organizations are getting just a little bit jumpy about their exposure to Libel?

Again, let me just repeat. Since the original event occurred, and George Zimmerman gave his 5 hour unrepresented statement to law enforcement; and did an on scene re-enactment the following day, not a single piece of information has contradicted his assertions. Nothing.

Nothing even remotely divergent from the original statements given by George Zimmerman surrounding the event or encounter has been discovered or evidenced.

On the contrary, almost every possible point of contention represented by the family of Trayvon Martin, and the media, has been summarily deconstructed and shown to be factually incorrect. See:

Here's some discussion on the issue Mr. Comeau raised:

This question has dogged the entire narrative from the very beginning. People threw around the term “profile” in a racial sense. However, as more and more FBI and State investigative witness testimony/statements are reviewed the answer looms obvious.
Trayvon Martin looked suspicious because he fit the same behavioral and descriptive outline of the prior criminals in the Retreat at Twin Lakes sub-division.

see the following for some discussion from GZ's black neighbors.

all the best, cycjec

Anonymous said...

Then there's the curious incident of the dog that *didn't* bark in the nighttime, namely
the silence of the MSM on the 2007 death of DeAunta Farrow.

William Norman Grigg at Lew Rockwell (and, IIRC his blog Pro Libertate)

DeAunta Farrow, who was unarmed and was not a criminal suspect, was fatally shot on June 22, 2007 by West Memphis Police Officer Erik Sammis. The twelve-year-old was walking home from a convenience store at about 9:30 PM with his 14-year-old cousin, Unseld Nance.

Sammis, who was commander of the Special Response Team (the West Memphis equivalent of a SWAT team), had staked out the neighborhood. He and Officer Jimmy Ellis were parked in a dark gray, unmarked pickup truck. They were wearing gray shirts, camouflage pants, and black bulletproof vests. They did not wear badges or other police insignia visible from the front.

As the two boys entered an apartment building, one of the officers saw what he thought was a gun in the waistband of Farrow’s pants. In fact it was a plastic toy. The officers came boiling out of the truck, ordering the kids to hit the ground. According to Nance, neither Sammis nor Ellis identified himself as a police officer. Nance also insisted that Farrow, whose hands were raised and whose toy gun remained in his waistband, "was fixing to get on the ground when they shot."

Within seconds of screaming at DeAunta to hit the ground, Sammis fired two shots.

"It’s a toy gun," the fatally wounded youngster told Sammis as he bled to death.

Nance was taken into custody and interviewed the same evening by the Arkansas State Police. Sammis, who sought shelter in the protection of the "Garrity" rule – which dictates that disclosures made by a police officer can only be used for departmental investigations, rather than criminal prosecution – didn’t speak for the record about the incident until a month later.

Roughly five months after DeAunta Farrow was killed, a special prosecutor announced that there was "insufficient evidence" to charge Sammis with a crime. Debra Farrow filed a wrongful death lawsuit that was immediately challenged on the grounds of "qualified immunity" – the incantation deployed by police and

There has been and still is, in some quarter a "war on the police". Concurrently, for many
years not, the police in many locales have been morphing into entities antagonistic
to the citizens they nominally serve, and completely unaccountable to them.
The MSM seems to be, in general, entirely cool with that.

all the best cycjec.

Anonymous said...

What 911 call? The legitimate unmodified one has Zimmerman sounding like a concerned and helpful citizen. I guessing you mean the one which was doctored by NBC (NBC actually admitted to it and fired someone over it) to make Zimmerman sound like a racist thug. Zimmerman was doing his duty as a good citizen by following someone who was dressed and acting suspiciously so he could continue to update the police on his location. I would have and have done the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm. Go back and read/listen to the real unedited transcript of the original 9-1-1 call, NOT the edited version put out by the racist LSDM with an agenda.
Quit drinking the Obamanoid kool-aid, numbnuts.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

John you haven't paid attention. When Zimmer started to chase after Trayvon the dispatcher told him not to and he said "ok" then went back to his truck to wait for the police. Trayvon circled back and attacked Zimmer at his truck!

Bill O' Rites said...

What the dispatcher actually said was: "ah, we don't need you to do that" when Zimmerman said he was following Martin. So he wasn't "ordered" not to follow & thus didn't disobey any Police order.
The injuries to Zimmerman's scalp were surely enough evidence as to his being violently assaulted & the frontal image of a broken nose further confirms this.

John Otis Comeau said...

no need to get so defensive, and yes, once he was on the ground getting his head bashed he arguably had cause to use his weapon to stay alive. all I'm saying is that, had he not been playing "cop", the incident would never have occurred.