Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kurt Hofmann -- Printed gun fails after 6 shots: 'Ma Deuce' wasn't built (or printed) in a day*

Kurt Hofmann takes me mildly to task for pointing out that cheap zip guns a la the Liberator require nothing like the up-front costs of the new "printed pistol."
Mike Vanderboegh, perennial thorn in the sides of liberty-haters, observes that 3-D printing has yet to become anything approaching the most practical, effective means of arming oneself against the government's wishes. That is indisputably true, for the moment. 3-D printers' capabilities, though, will inevitably grow, while costs will inevitably fall. Meanwhile, creative innovators like those involved in the Wiki Weapons project will continue to find better ways to harness the technology that is available now.
Certainly. My point, if not perfectly expressed, was that anyone can make a firearm out of almost anything and that folks should not be limited to this new project. Certainly, as Kurt points out, the "printed gun" project has caused consternation in the enemy camp and thus is worth-while even if it ultimately fails (which I don't think it will).
I am reading a history of Prohibition at the moment called Last Call, and will have an essay based on that when I finish. The upshot is that gun prohibition will be even more difficult than alcohol prohibition -- which is to say impossible -- and far more deadly to the people who attempt to enforce it and, especially, their political masters.


j3maccabee said...

A fellow I know, who shall remain nameless, once crafted a pretty nifty little .22 - back in the 50s - out of a car antenna wrapped in electrical tape, a piece of surgical tuning and a finishing nail head. Necessity is a real mother.

Anonymous said...

An AR receiver is not a simple piece of machinery, and while the .223 isn't considered a high powered rifle round, it IS a rifle round. Six shots is impressive, given the technology. It would be much easier to build a derringer or even a pepperbox or something like the COP 357 ( )with many fewer moving parts, looser tolerances, and pistol cartridges.


Happy D said...

They had the courage to try. Sometimes that is enough.

I am sure they can take a little criticism from a friendly source like you Mr.V.

Patriot Al said...

In the SHTF times, you'll only need it to fire once in order to obtain better weaponary anyway.....