Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Praxis: Tire Iron's Corner

Lot's of praxis stuff.


Anonymous said...

Ok I read it, (1) SKS 45 the same or = to the M-1 garand? Are you shittin me?(the 7.62x39 from a 20in tube has a max efective range of 300 yards; after that it has the energy of a .38S&W. the 30:06 from the garand is still supersonic at 1400 yards) (2) How is it a good idea to try to hump 220lb of field gear?( DUDE!! have you ever tryed to WALK with a 180+lb load?) This guy gets so much wrong its almost funny. He realy seems to have no clue what he's talking about.( I humped a ruck for 20 years, ANYTHING over 70lb gets old REAL FAST. If you are much over 20 you'll hurt yourself trying it) (110+lb ) I don't think that I'm an expert, just a guy who spent his 20s and 30s, stinky,wet, cold, hungry, lonely, dead tired and wishing he was home.

tire iron said...

Anonymous - either you can't read - or I can't write - or it is a combination of the two.

1) If you read the article of SKS vs M1 Garand you would have seen that in nearly every catagory except overall length and weight the Garand wins. Regarding ballistics I limited the range to 300 meters cause most engagements are MUCH less than that. I state in the article the Garand is the clear winner. After reading your "review" I think you would do fine as a speech writer for Obama.
2) If you would have read the article on 3rd Line Gear (Heavy) you would have seen that the full load including the rifle is right at 100 pounds. Not 200 pounds like you stated. One hundred pounds is a MIGHTY heavy - but if you are going on winter ops - what are going leave behind??? Name something on my list that you would leave behind. Again, after reading your review - you would make a fine speech writer for Obama.