Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If this gets rid of Boehner as Speaker before the fight over firearm rights, it will have been worth it.

Obama, Boehner move closer to ‘cliff’ deal. Good, if this gets rid of Boehner as Speaker before the fight over firearm rights, it will have been worth it. Heck, there's no way to save the whole, tottering structure anyway and if it collapses the whole gun control impetus goes down with it, since the only thing protecting the citizenry will be firearms in their own (or their neighbors') hands. Do I like that? Heck, no. I grieve for any innocents killed, especially in wars created by the grasping, selfish tyrannical bastards who almost always start them. The corrupt politicians and crony capitalists who milk the taxpayers with money printing, debt growth and other schemes ought to be hung. It's a choice, if there is a choice, between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. But consider that a 4th Generation civil war over firearms liberty will fall mostly on us, the ants, but an utter collapse of the economy and government -- especially federal government -- will fall heaviest on the grasshoppers in the cities. When the latter happens the best place to be is in a resilient community away from the cannibal zombie apocalypse. Is that selfish? You bet. It is nonetheless true. Both prospects are possible, if not probable, at this point. The only question is which happens first.


jon said...

i don't think it's selfish at all, but i don't fully accept it. i chose one of several ground zeroes to be there to get ahead now and to rebuild afterward. at best (worst?) i will only move to its edge. in free markets and liberated societies, cities are wonderful things. i can't leave good people hanging because the proper time and place dropped out from under them -- but i can potentially find them and organize them.

Ed said...

George Mason University Distinguished Professor of Economics Professor Walter E. Williams recently wrote a column outlaying the problem with the current spending rate compared to the U.S. ability to tax, or at least how some would like the U.S. government to tax:


As usual, government policy is so divorced from reality that a radical reduction in government and a corresponding radical reduction in government spending is the only "common sense" solution.

Revocation of the NFA and GCA along with several other unnecessary regulatory laws would be a start as they may not stand up to challenge to their constitutionality if recent Supreme Court decisions are fully applied:


The U.S. government needs to reexamine what functions the U.S. Constitution requires, and trim the excess that is not required. The question must be "What must be regulated?" for our country to function instead of "What may be regulated?" to effect political goals.

Even Pooh Bear recognizes that sometimes the honeypot is empty. Oh bother!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm surprised that Obama is moving as much as he reportedly is. The latest counteroffer from the White House is for taxes to only go up on those making 400k plus according to MSNBC last night.

I didn't expect any such move from Obama--figured he'd hold firm at the 250k level. This, therefore, raises the question of what Yellowstain has given him in return--I wouldn't be surprised if he gave him a promise to allow AWB or something similar to come to the floor for a vote.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, Mike.

Let it fall! That would be in the best interest of freefor.

I cannot even engage on the usual gun forums now. With the number of Fudds calling for gun control; "why does anyone need an "assault weapon" to hunt deer?", type of brainless arguments being raised, it is clear the majority are so lacking in historical perspective and understanding that it is frightening.