Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Politico lays out the citizen disarmament possibilities.

President Obama's options on gun control


Anonymous said...

Dollars to donuts, no rational thoughts will be in evidence in the coming weeks of political posturing/handwringing. All emotions, feel good, knee jerk reactive responses. All for the children, of course. Innocents have been slaughtered for millennia. Obama regularly approves actions that result in the deat of innocent children, yet no calls for action from anyone. I point this out, not because I am anti Obama (I am anti politician), but rather this political creature is a case study in hippocracy. If the pols truly want to "do something" let that something be an exhaustive examination of how mental illness, depression, add, ADHD, etc.. Are treated. It has been suggested that all of these recent violent assaults on the innocent we're perpetrated by criminals with mental disorders and on prescribed, ssri's, or recently taken off of ssri medication. How about at least scratching the surface of this? The commonality in all of these tragedies are: male perp, young adult or teenager. Troubled person, medicated, all but one incident occurred in a declared gun free zone. All used guns in the commission of their crimes, and it seems, ar-15 style weapons in at least close proximity. And, in case it gets lost in the noise, what these criminals did was already illegal. Some facts: places were guns are illegal or very difficult to possess (for the law abiding that is) have the most violence perpetrated by guns. Europe has a higher incidence of violent crime per capita than the USA. USA has been trending down per capita with regards to violent crime the past 20 years, despite rising gun rights being exercised by citizens. Guns save way more lives that they take, in the hands of citizens who aren't criminals. Doctors kill over 100,000 citizens a year, and we seem to have a shortage of doctors. Cars kill in the low 40k's/yr. guns? A fraction of that, but we want to,ban guns. Seems there are (in the words of Obama) bigger fish to fry.this tragedy will unfortunately quiet any logical discourse such as this in the media, because the baying hyenas of the media left (I know, redundant) will bay incessantly to drown out anything they perceive as not protecting children, and showing respect for the victims and families. These will be lies of course, but the truth died a long time ago in the arena of liberty vs. tyranny, as far as media reportage goes. Those who violate their oath daily will pat themselves on the back for how effective they will look to their constituents in coming weeks. If there was justice in this country, none of the blowhards who have already weighed in on this would even have a soapbox for which to spread their ignorance. On a personal note. I might consider giving up my right to defend ,yield as I see fit if, if, if the government could guarantee I would be totally free of criminal acts perpetrated against me. That those who,want to disarm us are in fact those who commit the highest rate of violence against the innocent, this could never happen. Ironic that the uninformed sheep.will call for the most violent entity in the USA to "do something" about this violence against the innocent. That is like asking the cat to watch the mice to make sure they are safe.yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Well gunnies, Its fight or lose all the guns. If we let them take the wepons ,They'll take the bibles ,then its off to the fema death camps for all of us. This is "IT" eather we stand for our children and our rights under GOD, or we get in the cattle cars and go to the gas. The feds mean to murder us no matter what we do. The Jews in Warsaw didn't want to belive this,look how it turned out for them.

Anonymous said...

In Washington Post--found via www.saysuncle.com


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:31,Agree 100%! This Has to be the line in the sand. I'm not gonna lie and say i'm not scared,but this is it! They are not going to stop at so-called Assault Weapon's. They will be back for everything. They will have "False Flag" mass school shootings with revolvers to ban those and "False Flag" Bolt action sniper shootings to Ban those also. They don't want us to have so much as a plastic butter knife to defend ourselves with when they start making their overt unmistakable moves to enslave us and then murder us.

Tyranny does not stop on it's own. It's thirst is not ever slacked. It has to be stood up to and stopped. Just as Hitler was after he kept breaking treaty after treaty and offered new Prime Minister Churchill a peace treaty after he conqured France. Churchill said No,realizing Hitler was not going to stop on his own. He Had to Be Stopped! We are at our strongest right now,so we might as well say NO to any weakening in our God Given Second Ammendment Right's now,instead of doing it in a weakened position without access to semi-auto weapon's and High Capacity magazines later on. Because if we cave in on this thinking that fatal thought that "Maybe things won't be so bad, at least will be able to keep some Firearms to defend ourselves adequately", We will find out very shortly after that, that the Monster ( Obama ) is still hungry and will be back for more!

Anonymous said...

Check out this flame war on the AJC website:


Lots of the usual drivel from both sides but some of them seem to have their heads on straight.

I couldn't resist adding my $0.02.

They think they're having a high school debate. But there are literally hundreds of these going on at HufPo and others. The some total may just get the snowball rolling down the hill into the landslide we've all been trying to prevent.

Yank lll said...

All anyone has to remember about any gun argument is that these are communists trying to disarm a targeted society so they can eat it without opposition. Anything else, no matter how vile, horrendous or evil is nothing more than a lie or an opportunity to push further forward.

This also applies to the quisling idiots who parrot their crap out of ignorance or stupidity.

If mullah Obama tries to do anything by an EO he may well start something he cant stop..

one thing is for sure, its not time to bury them.. but cleaning and a few sighting rounds might be a good idea.

Yank lll