Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The dead soul of Adam Lanza

'Not long ago, there existed in our hearts a fear of God'


JudgementComes said...

First, I would remind the arrogant Mr. Robertson that God is the judge of souls and not him.

Secondly, I am of the opinion that God will speak to a person's heart in His time. God does not need us. The damned soul is not the soul of the person who has never heard of or encountered God. I think the damned soul is the one that has heard and encountered God and rejected Him completely.

And our culture now supports this godless and arrogant view, seeing it as an offence to even mention Him. A generation of young godless little monsters, from godless or ineffective parents. Who could be surprised that so many young boys growing up without fathers cannot relate to God the Father.

There is a reckoning coming. I am a sinner, but I fear and revere God as best I can. My sinner's hope rests in the Savior Christ Jesus. I hope he finds me on the right side when the reckoning comes. Even or especially if it costs me my life.

Anonymous said...

He still had a soul ,not that someone wasn't trying to steal it .


Everybody keeps asking "WHY ?" but it just seems like a rhetorical question .

Toastrider said...

First off, that's Buchanan, not Robertson.

Secondly, he's not wrong. Call it a lack of God, or a lack of any structured morality, or what have you; Lanza was a broken creature.

I may not like Buchanan very much, but he makes an excellent point.

JudgementComes said...

Hi Toastrider.

I caught the error about the name after the post but didn't correct it. I probably tie the two together in my mind in some way. My apologies for not correcting the inaccuracy.

I agree with much of his position, and yours.

But I stand my ground that he is not and should not be a judge of souls and is arrogant to do so.

Buchanan is also a DC political insider. He is, therefore suspect as an enemy of freedom.

Hell. Even Obama makes an excellent point now and then. But he is still a sleazy DC creature who would be dictator, knowing what is best for all of us.