Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sipsey Street Exclusive: Now seating Holder, party of one. Grumbling about "Boehner and the rest of those weak-kneed assholes." "They'll do what should be impossible -- make Eric Holder look sympathetic, and worse, innocent." Searching for a real turd in a sewer of rumors.

"Now seating Holder, party of one!"
Rumors continue to compete with contradictory rumors but here are a few things I have discovered:
There will be no Fifth Amendment Theater tomorrow of the Phoenix US Attorneys being forced to say their "I-don't-wannas" in front of the cameras. There will be only one panel of one -- Eric Holder. This is viewed by many who have been following the investigation as a serious mistake. Said one, "More simple browbeating of Eric Eric Holder without dramatic new evidence to impeach his story is going to look petty, mean and impotent. If they don't present new emails or (other evidence) the average person is going to conclude that they don't HAVE any evidence, which is certainly not the case, but it's going to look like they're just a gang of white guys beating up on the poor little black guy. They'll do what should be impossible -- make Eric Holder look sympathetic, and worse, innocent."
"Not forcing (the attendance of Burke, Cunningham, Hurley and Morrissey) is a big mistake," said another source, who blamed it on "a desire by Boehner and the rest of those weak-kneed assholes (the GOP leadership in the House) to drag this out until they end up impeaching (Eric Holder) in the fall for maximum political advantage to Mitt (Romney)," adding, "but what if it doesn't work out that way?"
Insider defenders of this strategy all point to the fact that this this will not be a grilling in front of another committees such as the previous Judiciary hearing, but of Issa's own committee. Said one confidently, "Issa won't let him off the hook." But this begs the question, how big of a hook does the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform have in his tackle box and is the GOP leadership willing to let him use it?
I'll try to have more for you tonight, folks, but in the meantime I'm heading north across the river, into the sewer of rumors to find a real turd I can report on.


Ashrak said...

It would be a huge mistake not to call the several, but if the intention is to rain down on Holder it would be best to have him there by himself. If the sun is shining tomorrow, rather than being quite stormy, then the truth is outed once and for all.

The only question remaining is who Issa blames more for making him look like a fool - Holder, or Boehner.

There always comes a point where one has to shit or get off the pot. I submit that tomorrow is one of those times. If nothing happens but a dog and pony show tomorrow, then whatever political gain Boehner thinks will come to pass in the fall will be blunted by the fact that people have resolved themselves to believe nothing will come to pass about GunWalker Scandal. Many already believe that.

Some say that Issa has been methodical - but I submit further that this contempt angle may just be his way of demonstrating that Boehner really IS protecting Barry, Eric, Robert, Janet and Hillary.

Looking at 4 Presidential candidates who say nada about this, one has to logically surmise that the GOP marching orders are to STFU about all of it.

And folks wonder why the (R) brand has such marginal support? Really?

Anonymous said...

If Boner and the Republicans are trading justice for a little political gain, they can sit in hell with the perps, they are just as guilty in the cover-up. Far past time for one of the other political groups to step up, or we definitely need a new party. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

Given the Potemkin exoneration by the committee democrats and the faux IG investigation which will advance the same talking points, that it is Bush's and Phoenix's fault, and the mainstream media gleefully reporting same... How is this hearing going to be anything but a big giant clusterfuck without a courtesy application of AstroGlide. I'm not even sure if I'll watch it now. Issa is chair of the committee. He is the one with subpoena power. Does he really need Boehner's permission to use it?

Anonymous said...

I live in Boehnor's district, has a Tea Party person to run against him in the primary this fall. Many of us are going to support him and get rid of the weak kneed, country club Boehnor.

Anonymous said...

as long as there are commie traitors in both parties they will never give up assaulting the second amendment.i will never give up my guns with out a fight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brian Terry's family just sued the ATF for $25M.

SWIFT said...

I pray that Issa's committee has an Ace-in-the-hole on February 2nd. Otherwise, I must agree with the nay-sayers that the current direction of the committee is the worst of all choices. Eric Holder is, was and always will be, a bucket of scum; but he is just one in a sea of scum. This is starting to look like a page out of, "The Never Ending Story'. Tomorrow will reveal a truth about a lot of tomorrows!

rdf67 said...

CBS reports Terry family suing DOJ for $25 million

Anonymous said...

Bribery, compromised officials leave indicted financial-crime suspects free from prosecution under Holder’s DOJ

Anonymous said...

Quayle asks Obama to appoint special prosecutor for Fast and Furious

“I’ve called for Attorney General Holder to resign, I think he should be removed immediately,” Quayle told The Daily Caller in a phone interview Wednesday. “You look at how all of this has been unfolding — it hasn’t been with any help from the DOJ. They continue to obfuscate the facts, to really hamper the investigation that Chairman Issa is trying to perform, and I know you’ve seen it as well as some of the materials they provide are fully redacted pages

Christian Gains said...

I've read Issa's Congressional Letter/Legal Demand, and it's obvious that "Gentlemanliness" has no place in this Congressional Investigation! OBVIOUSLY neither Issa nor Grassley have the convictions to do their job appropriately!

Holder (er..Oh! Excuuuse me SUR...Attorney General Holder), et al, are GUILTY AS SIN and needed to be presented with a Criminal indictment LONG ago!

This (Attorney General), worthless piece of excrement NEEDS FLUSHING! NOW!