Monday, July 11, 2011

David Codrea: Gun ‘preppers’ go mainstream as more people realize no one is immune to disaster.


SPOCK: [T]hey never knew what was killing them. Their logic would not have permitted them to believe they were being killed.
KIRK: Explain.
SPOCK: Vulcan has not been conquered within its collective memory. The memory goes back so far that no Vulcan can conceive of a conqueror. I knew the ship was lost because I sensed it.
KIRK: What was it you sensed?
SPOCK: The touch of death.
KIRK: And what do you think they felt?
SPOCK: Astonishment.

How many Americans will be astonished at the collapse of everything they believed to true? And of those, how many will survive?


bruce said...

my family and i are well prepared for any emergency.we can defend our selves from any one who thinks my property is theirs,that includes state agents.i have flechtte rounds just for those who wear protective vests.

Anonymous said...

When the collapse happens, we will need to keep the "hair-on-fire" crowd in our prayers (and our gunsights). They should be easy to spot, they will be the ones looting for electronics and high fashion handbags. Just try not to laugh too hard when you observe them, conditioned response is a hard thing to change and they just dont know any better.

bruce said...

my family and i are prepared for any disruption of the rule of law,the constitution,or any left wing b.s.we are prepared to defend our selves from all who think our property is theirs, including delusional govt. agents.

Mattexian said...

Astonishment is a good description of how I felt two months ago. I was driving home and listening to (nationally syndicated Top 40 DJ) Rick Dees lunchtime show, and he commented about visiting his stockbroker, asking what to invest in, and he advised buying canned food and guns.

Anonymous said...

Astonished is exactly what the Japanese expressed when they watched the tsunami wash away thier homes.

Most around us will react in the same way... stunned disbelief and surrender.

This will be the time to cowboy up and had help our peers to deal with it.

wl moses

Jimmy the Saint said...

"How many Americans will be astonished at the collapse of everything they believed to true?"

Per the US Census, there are nearly 312 million Americans. Figure about 300 million+ will be astonished.

"And of those, how many will survive?"

The vast majority. The death toll could easily be huge in terms of raw numbers, but relative to the total population, it won't amount to more than a rounding error.

Anonymous said...

"And of those, how many will survive?"

...all the wrong ones.

Yank lll

Bad Cyborg said...

Merely buying guns and stocking upon supplies will not save you. If you do not have a secure, defensible bolt-hole you will be overrun by thousands of starving refugees. You will need to be hidden many days' walk from any large population centers.

Damn! But I despise leftists!

Tvarisch said...

I've been gaming various collapse scenarios for several years, and in my estimation, only about 5% of the population, at best, will be mentally, physically, and materially prepared. Another 10% will be able to adapt fairly quickly, and another 20% will survive long enough to learn necessary skills. About a third of the population, primarily the elderly, the medically dependant, and the disabled, won't make it through the first year. As much as another third could die within two years due to malnutrition and disease.

Col Bat Guano said...

This entitlement culture is going to look like a herd of deer in the headlights should their smart phones stop working, cable tv crap out, Safeway runs out of frozen burritos and beer, and other modern comforts crash around them. We have property in the foothills outside of Placerville. That's where we'll camp out until the shooting and looting in the urbanized valley stops.

Anonymous said...

This page is the best sci-fi stuff I've ever read. It is about Martian invasion, right? Keep up the great story-telling!

Anonymous said...

Remember this one?

"At least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermarkets, that safety does not come from policemen, that 'news' is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and that he himself is no different--in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness."
— Robert A. Heinlein

Chef said...

That Robert Heinlein quote is my new favorite quote.

Tvarisch said...

LoL, love the "Marian invasion" comment from the anonymous genius. He will, of course, soon be one of those begging for someome to save him, and probably part of one of the mobs that pillages the local stores in his town. We all know type - young male, very metrosexual in appearance, pro-gay if not gay himself, votes liberal, and completely useless for anything practical.
When his type come begging at your door, you can't afford to let him know you have food, and you really can't afford to let him walk away.

Anonymous said...

And we all know your type, Tvarisch. Old, fat, half-crippled from diabetes (too many Twinkies), bitter about getting old without having accomplished anything of note in life, angry at young people for being young, convinced the world has to end before you die.

There have been people like you forever. And they have died, and the world has gone on.

Goodbye, Tvarisch.

Better censor this one, Mike. Don't want your readership crying in their Metamucil.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, let us by all means look to Heinlein for wisdom. Heinlein, the bloodthirsty non-combatant, the guy who served in the peacetime Navy mostly from behind a pencil and got invalided out ten years before any fighting broke out--the guy whose later writing career would be spent largely in surrounding himself figuratively with Ph.D.-educated bimbos. Yes, let's laud his "personal resourcefulness".