Monday, November 1, 2010

SMEAC for legal, peaceful 2012 election day RTC's......."as close to the polls as possible"

I admire Daniel's optimism greatly. Whether we actually stumble on until 2012 is a matter of some skepticism with me, but it is good to plan for it anyway.


Proposal for election day 2012 RTC's below. A couple of us in Atlanta are on board. Please let me know your level of support for this. If you like it, please pass on.

"Restore the Constitution" Open Carry Rallies, Election Day 2012

Situation: For a variety of reasons, a majority of the electorate supports big-government programs and policies that violate the Constitution, such as minimum wage, federal drug and gun laws, and the use of the IRS as a tool to modify behavior and influence the economy. This majority votes for candidates that will continue these and many other collectivist, unconstitutional policies.

Mission: Target this audience, the electorate itself, with armed RTC rallies held as close to polling locations as possible on election day 2012 as well as preparation rallies in the weeks and months leading up to election day 2012. Remind the voters that there is a small but highly motivated group that is willing to take to the streets with their guns over the fact that the government has gotten too big.

Execution: Organizers will already have some structure in place, having participated in C4L, End the Fed, Tea Party, RTC and other "restorationist" events in their area. The next step is to research local firearms carry laws, find the location as close to the polls as possible in their areas and, if necessary, apply for permits and take steps to notify law enforcement of plans to hold an armed demonstration. For example, in Atlanta, I plan on holding an armed RTC at one or more intersections as close to a major polling location, the Claudia Lawson Dekalb County government complex on Memorial Drive, as possible. "As close as possible" will be determined by researching the law, notifying police by applying for a permit, and holding armed "mini-RTCs" at the planned site in the months leading up to the 2012 elections. How close one can get to the polls with weapons will vary from state to state. To avoid any allegation of brandishing weapons, all pistols should be holstered, and all rifles should be slung on the back. No exceptions. Anyone brandishing weapons is not a part of this.

Some sign suggestions: "Restore the Constitution" "This is NOT a Democracy" "My rights are NOT subject to majority opinion" "My rights are NOT subject to your vote"

The "I-word," intimidation is not a part of our message or what we are doing. Ditto for the word "suppression." This is not intended to be a voter intimidation or suppression effort. This is an effort to educate and remind the voters, not to scare them. The sight of civilian activists with slung rifles, holstered pistols, and restorationist signs ought not scare Americans. Our rights to assemble and bear arms are in the Constitution for a reason.

Admin and logistics: Big "restore" banners and signs from 4-19 already held by RTC organizers could be used. Homemade signs, however, are all that are necessary to convey the message.

Command and Control: Not too much "top down" leadership. Local leaders know who they are, and leaders naturally emerge. Use Muster 4-19 Ning site as well as to find other RTC'ers and coordinate activities.

Thank you for your time,

-Dan Almond


Radiowave said...

Maybe see about securing permission for armed assembly from a sympathetic Patriot business owner, whose business includes openly viewed property near a polling place. Probably no permit needed then, and you might get closer to the polling place than if you were to rely solely on parks etc. If it’s a business that relies on the public, then there may be an issue, but manufacturing plants and buildings with large tracts of field or property could work. Wish I could get to one of these, but as usual I am on the other side of the world, bouncing around on the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I say no and no effing way to this tactic.

You can do all the open carry rallies that you can bring to any place. But on voting day, the idea of bringing the armed RTC message as close as legally possible to polling places, strikes me wrong. I look at that tactic, just about as I look at the New Black Panther Philedelphia poll site actions in '08. I view it about the same as spitting on the Bible and waiting for something to happen over that act.

The author's suggestions as to how this may be done, still leaves me with the sense that those tactics are meant to intimidate prospective voters.

If our side is the side of "No Ft. Sumters", this tactic does not mesh with it. Actions such as setting up armed and as close as legal on election day are basically just morally wrong. Feel free to correct.

The idea of sites with armed people close to activities of interest, may come into better use as things devolve into a pre-Weimar Republic status for the USA. You can call yourselves the new Freikorps or a newer and trendier word for yourselves.

You, as you write of your idea, are assuming some coherence to the voting process, four years hence. If that should happen and you do your thing, you are still wrong.


Radiowave said...

"Anonymous said... Actions such as setting up armed and as close as legal on election day are basically just morally wrong. Feel free to correct...."

And assuming an "energetic" Patriot response to a blatantly stolen election, would it be "morally right" to act with no warning?

Doc Enigma said...

NO!!!! NOT good! Though most likely well intentioned, it will be viewed by contemporary society as a threat, and rightfully so. If we're to the point of threatening, then what I ask you, is the difference between us and them and secondly, why hasn't the dance begun yet?

Simply because we're still at the point of ensuring all who do not understand what the fuss is about get our message.

Our message has always been, and correct me if I'm wrong here, "LEAVE US ALONE and we'll get along just fine!" The messages beyond that, such as, "If you try to take our guns from us, we will kill you", "No more Waco's", "Not one more step back", etc, are adjectives, if you will, explaining to the more obtuse collectivist that we really do mean what we say and can articulate specifics.

Counter idea: (if we're not already dancing by that point...) Get buttons made up with the minuteman & III that say, "I'm a Threeper, and I VOTE!" or "We Are EVERYWHERE!"

Message communicated. No threat. No red flag. No sharp stick in the opponent's eye.

And no firefight outside or near a polling place that historians will rightly say was started by the Threepers.

daniel said...

Thanks, Mike for posting.

Naysayers: Remember, pistols will be holstered and rifles slung. No brandishing. Not threatening. No intimidation.

Anyway, given that there is a problem, namely the fact that a majority vote time and time again against the Constitution, what do you suggest as a solution if the peaceable exercise of Firts and Second Amendment rights on election day is tantamount to "Ft. Sumter" or "spitting on the Bible" (?)?

Ft. Sumter means firing a shot, not legally assembling. There is a difference between merely carrying a firearm and brandishing one in a threatening manner, as any RTC participant can attest.

Doc Enigma said...

The symbolism of slung rifles and holstered pistols will be lost on the entitlement minded, hoplophobic, globalist-indoctrinated, socialist 5th column controlled media. Not all ideas, while being legal, are beneficial.

And this is one of them.....

As to the solution, at this point, there is really, truly, nothing left to say.

All that's left is to stand fast, not back up, and act with the courage of your convictions.

The PTB are going to pass such legislation as they deem appropriate to further their agenda. All we have (as stated by M. Collins) is the power of our refusal to comply with their unconstitutional laws.

Think about it: What has peaceful redress of greivances, letters to congress, marches, demonstrations, even RTC rallies accomplished?

Anything? Other than make the participants feel like they've done "something".

I know I sound very, very pessimistic, but I'm not. Just realistic.

Take today's vote. I will be voting in a couple hours. I will vote for the Constitution in every category. I also project that no matter what happens today, you will not see a sea-change in government. History (recent history to boot) teaches us that we are at a fork in the road.

Two people inhabiting the same land. One will be master; the other servant. The statist wishes all of us to serve.

And no armed RTC rally is going to change their minds or disuade them.

Anonymous said...

We're down to the wire here folks. Demonstrate, act out, do whatever you want, and it will make no difference because of the "constructed stories" that will be told about wherever you do.

"They," attack this country and our founding documents and our rights everyday and the people have yet to respond in a meaningful way against them. They know this, and they know why. They also know that the lid is ajar and some of the heat is escaping and when it finally falls to the floor, their house will burn down. That's why they have a water cannon pointed at the lid, investigators working to determine who is stoking the fire, and reporters sharpening their pencil's.

This will be a war of attrition, if it cannot be stopped. I do not personally think that it can be, at this point because the enemies of our republic have been at this for a long time. It will take time to displace them and they will use all of our money to eradicate us and there will be plenty of trigger pullers willing to do it. We do not fight in a fair environment even politically, that has been denied us.

In my judgment, preparations are of paramount importance and demonstrations simply make them feel good about their current power. If you want peace, prepare for war. I mean really prepare for it and think it through because I assure you "they" have.