Thursday, November 4, 2010

Praxis: How NOT to resist tyranny -- The difference between Iranian art majors and American history majors.

Pursuant to a tip from a commenter over at WRSA, I went here to find this photo and story from the Iranian mojahedin from February 2009:

University student set himself ablaze to protest Iranian regime’s agents for raping his wife and daughter

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 The self-immolation of a Tehran University student in protest to raping his wife and daughter by the clerical regime’s agents has caused a wave of anger and disgust among people. Before putting himself ablaze, this student said in a gathering of students that the regime’s agents had taken his home, confiscated all his properties and the prosecutors of his file had raped his wife and daughter. Two judges by the names of Babaii and Simorghi in the city of Kangavar had raped his wife and daughter. He chanted slogans against Shahroudi, head of the judicial power, and Khamenei, the supreme leader. The Tehran University guards who witnessed the student inflaming himself did nothing to prevent him. After he set himself on fire some students put out the fire by coats and jackets and transferred him to the hospital. The state-run Etemad daily wrote: 'For the fourth time in the last month the news came from Tehran University that a doctorate student in Art burned himself.'

FOURTH time!?!?!

The difference between Iranian art majors and American history majors is that an American history major would have cut off "Judges" Babaii and Simorghi reproductive equipment and then burned THEM to death and went home content at a job well done.


Uncle Lar said...

Gotta say, cannot fathom the mindset of such. If you are that set on ending your own life at least take those you are most angry with out at the same time. Pesonally, I'm with Mike and his final remark. Castrate the bastards, let them contemplate their sins for a bit, then put them under the dirt. And eventually pick up the pieces and get on with your life as best you can, or at least take an honor guard with you.

TJIC said...

An American history student would merely protest that the victims of the rape had been disproportionately from one gender/ color / class / income group, and would encourage the government to be more inclusive in the future.

MamaLiberty said...

Not to mention the fact that he's got to endure the incredible pain of being so badly burned! Insanity.

It's like trying to drive nails into a board by hitting yourself repeatedly on the head with the hammer!

But, whatever floats his boat. By whatever means, there is now one less damned fool underfoot.

And people fear these nutcases will take over the world?

Bad Cyborg said...

Why would he want to kill himself? Killing the bastards who raped his wife and daughter I understand but killing himself over it? And why do it THAT way??!!??!!

Now I could understand him pouring gasoline over the two bastards and setting THEM afire. THAT makes sense. Or maybe just cutting their respective "equipment" off and feeding it to them as shish kebab (or maybe more like vienna sausage?). That works for me. But self immolation seems a particularly pointless exercise. Ah, but what do I know??

Bad Cyborg X
Killing statists isn't murder
, it's eugenics.

Defender said...

When I think about the logistics that would be involved in identifying and locating the specific people who had hurt my loved ones, I get discouraged. Where and when could I reach them? It's a fairly large city. But I would find a way, and I would make them pay. And I am one of the most gentle people you can imagine. Hours of terror and suffering before the end, as a lesson to other tyrants. SELF-destruction makes them laugh. More. Maybe he was "above sinking to their level." That's not how I think of it. More "payment in kind."
If I couldn't find the specific ones, anyone wearing their uniform would do until I did. That's what it takes to end this kind of sh--.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you, big fat guy sitting at home doing jack, are going to criticize Iranians for being pansies? These are the guys who stood up to the Shah's guns in 1978 to overthrow the dictatorship the US had installed. Meanwhile, your whole contribution to brave revolutionary actions consists of...writing a blog. Bravo.