Thursday, November 4, 2010

OK, I mean really, why would the jihadis want to kill HIS narrow ass?

"Admiral, that's George Soros' private yacht off the port bow. He's signaling that he has a Chinese court order to seize us as collateral for the President's unpaid political bills."

Maybe the 34 ship fleet is to protect him from the debt collectors of George Soros.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think that Obama's not the one planning on doing the killing?

This looks like a military coup and he's just getting out of the way.

It could be a very dangerous next few days for us here in the USA.

Jeff said...

No coup in the works ain't gonna' happen. That sort of thing was plotted and tried that before, but nipped in the bud before it got anywhere - remember Marine General Smedley Butler? Besides, a coup with what? Most of the US combat power is overseas.

The article (link) is unrelated to this particular post (or then again, maybe not), but does anyone else get the feeling that the Fed is dancing on our graves?

WarriorClass said...

Yes, the bankers are dancing alright, but don't forget they are the ones that financed both the communist revolutions in Russia and in China. You think they are now above a coup in the US using their commie friends?

Jekyll Island may be the safest place to be for the next few days...


Anonymous said...

That 200 mil a day just went up to about a Billion a day when you count the op costs of the fleet.

Defender said...

A million is a thousand thousands.
A billion is a thousand millions.

To count to a billion would take 31 years, 251 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes, and 39 seconds, if you add one to the count every second.

We know Commandante Zero is a Muslim, but is he the RIGHT KIND of Muslim? They're very particular over their. If the guy who vacuums the Oval Office is allowed to eat pork rinds at home, that might be a deal-breaker. Allah akbarf.