Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama gets advice -- Have some FBI-sponsored agents provocateur go blow something up again. Andreas Carl Strassmeier call your office.

Andreas Carl Strassmeier, FBI provocateur inside the Aryan Republican Army and the Oklahoma City Bombing conspiracy.

Dem pollster: What Obama really needs is an Oklahoma City moment.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Funny. I didn't hear anything about an "Oklahoma City moment." I heard him talk about an emotional speech in which the President connected with the public, and saying Obama needed that. Leave it to a terrorist to hear a call to terrorism in this clip.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need 8-(

Dedicated_Dad said...

If you think for one moment that he and his ilk are not capable of committing such horror for political gain, you're a fool.

I don't believe a one of them would lose a wink over it either....


Dutchman6 said...

"Hmmm. Funny. I didn't hear anything about an "Oklahoma City moment." I heard him talk about an emotional speech in which the President connected with the public, and saying Obama needed that. Leave it to a terrorist to hear a call to terrorism in this clip."

If you knew shit from shinola about the back story of the OKC bombing, you would know what I mean. I refer you to the journalism of J.D. Cash, and my electronic newsletter of the time entitled The John Doe Times.

Anonymous said...

This is not funny considering there is a story of a nuke false flag this week end.

With Obummer out of town anything is possible.

Capt45 said...

Anonymous at 3:08 pm - The 'emotional speech in which the President connected with the public..." was the Oklahoma City bombing in which people were KILLED! Saying Obama needs such an event to similarly connect with the people is insensitive to say the least! And one supposes Obama could have had such a 'warm and fuzzy' moment after the Ft Hood killings or during the BP spill, as commenters on the Hot Air site noted.

Cpt 45

Defender said...

I think that potential "OKC moment" has had sufficient foreshadowing to work against Commandante Zero if it happens. But I just don't see the people warming up to Imperious Leader like they did to Uncle Granpa Bush. Doesn't mean they won't try it anyway. Half the people will go supine and beg for the protection of a smaller cage. They'll get it. The rest of us will be off the chain.

EJR914 said...

It couldn't be more obvious. If Obama wants to be re-elected, a terrorist attack must take place so that he "bring the country back together" and be elected a 2nd term.

Its all too simple.

I agree with Dedicated Dad. These people are so evil, they do not bat an eye over the death of U.S. Citizens, if they can gain politically from it.

I agree, only a fool would think otherwise.

Defender said...

Have the riots started yet in L.A.? Johanne Mehserle, who executed Oscar Grant in the subway as he was prone, handcuffed and surrounded by transit cops, and not resisting, got the minimum sentence of two years.

sofa said...

What could be more catastrophic than what has been done to our country over the last several years? Some localized event would be 1/10,000th of what has already been done.

Or is it only that the media says all those deliberate acts were good, where they would be directed to call some other events bad?

Haven't our laws been ripped up and shredded, and haven't numerous components of the economy been blown up in spectacular fashion, leaving only rubble?

Is it only an 'event' when the media says it is? Dropping a bomb to destory one locale is bad, but using lies to blow up 500 banks is 'no big deal'; using lawfare to deliberately rob 300 million of their livelihoods is comparable to bad weather or a huricane?

It is beyond time to ackowledge deliberate acts of war to bring down a society. Deliberate man-made disasters, caused and enabled by identifiable actors. Deploying 527 corps, buying media/judges/legislators, deploying squadrons of lawyers, directing artillery barrages of media directed at specific targets in coordinated times to shape the battlefield. It's not a random storm, tornado, hurricane. We are seeing deliberate organized war upon our society.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Lon have retired, how could they carry out something like this?

Defender said...

Another reality check from our friends and allies, the Saudis, to whose king Obama president bowed.
Men and women sitting together means police involvement and flogging.

I see commercials here for women who want longer lashes. Means something entirely different there.
"Islam is the answer. Freedom go to hell."

Pete Koch said...

In response to SOFA 7:26 AM - AMEN! I boggles my mind that so few people recognize that all the "bad stuff" is the result of careful, deliberate planning and action by the "bad guys".