Tuesday, November 2, 2010

David Codrea's observations on the "Tea Parties' Gun Problem."

Which means the ones with the "gun problem" are the ones who endorse a state monopoly of violence. Except it's really their "freedom problem."


Pericles said...

So, if an extreme communist calls me an extremist, does that mean I'm really just an average guy?

Anonymous said...

It's cash for clunkers:

Trade in your old rights for new federally sponsored "Rights"

then WE can be recycled in an environmentally responsible way

Tom Wolff said...

All I have ta say is that I'm pissed off and tired of alla this shit.


Or else...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a gun problem, the 5th shooting of a DC government building:


Defender said...

Shooting at military recruiting offices might be just the manufactured excuse they want for ballistic fingerprinting of all our guns or at least seeing all the sales records for whatever caliber they SAY was used. After all, the state of Virginia wants to take familial DNA samples from thousands of innocent people to catch one rapist. Conditioning.
Many lines in the sand.