Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And we always thought it would be firearm confiscation . . .

WashingtonReb says of Obamacare:

"This is the moment, the dividing line between acquiescence and rebellion. To pay the fine is to agree to subjugation."

I will have more on my thoughts about the election later. For now, consider Washington Reb's analysis in the context of the portion of my Horse Pens 40 speech dealing with the potential power of our refusal.


Defender said...

They may have managed to finally cross EVERYBODY's line in the sand at once.
I predict that the new Congress will finally find a way to prevent the pressure cooker from blowing up by opening the safety valve just a LITTLE, before anyone's actually fined for opting out. The klepto -- I mean DEMO -- crat Congress realized late they better drop the PRISON SENTENCE for not signing up, because then re-election would have been the least of their worries.
Back to low boil.
Or maybe not. Lot of RINO incumbents remain.

Anonymous said...

I told my congresscritter and both my senators that if the personal mandate passed into law, I would not comply.

I suspect those fools assume that means I'm going to pay the fine.

Anonymous said...

So what's the equivalent of $1000 in 7.62x51?

Installments, or all at once?

Dennis308 said...

I am now looking for work in Louisiana now that the elections are over and I have compleated my self appointed mission, and I will refuse any Government Approved Insurance offered to me, I utterly refuse to be subjugated by ANY Tyranny and if need-be my day in court will be in the streets of this country.
Texas has just had a bloodbath at the election polls and the Demoncrats LOST big time. Even Salmon Ortiz of the 27th. Dist.lost after 32 years as a Congresscritter along with Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez, leaving only 5 Democreap Texas Reps in D.C.