Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Three Hundred and the Three Percent: So, you say THEY'VE got US surrounded and out-gunned?

"Holy smokes, Barack! Where'd all these pissed off people come from?"

By way of Pete at Western Rifle Shooters comes this observation from Joe Huffman:

As it should be

According to in the U.S. there are about 270 million guns in private hands, about 3 million under military control, and about 900 thousand owned by the police.

I find the ratio of 69:1 appropriate odds.

Public servants should keep this in mind if they entertain thoughts of changing the relationship.

If I may expand on that topic a bit. I am tired unto death of the Alex Jones/Mark Koernke Oh-my-gawd-they're-coming-to-take-us-away-headless-chicken-dance-of-defeatist-disinformation. There is a distinct difference between facts and intelligence on the enemy's capabilities, order of battle and intentions, and disinformation and propaganda designed to frighten your own side.

Cuties in peril. Mark: "Oh, Alex, whatever can do now that the New World Order is about to rape and kill us in overwhelming numbers?!?" Alex: "I don't know, Mark! If more people had just bought more of my videos, we wouldn't be in this mess! If only . . . (sobs) . . . If only my ratings had been HIGHER!"

It is argued that there is this unstoppable foe coming to enslave us. Perhaps.

It is said that the danger is so real, so imminent, that people must be awakened to this danger by exaggerating it so that they will "wake up." To this end, if self-discrediting lies are told and these town criers are called on it, the shouters-with-alarm just move onto the next bit of disinformation. I know, my email in-box is filled with such viral tripe.

It is further implied that this will be so terrible that few will survive the onslaught. Bullshit. Such chicken-littleism for money and/or notoriety is nothing new. And at some point you have to wonder whose side these people are really on.

Tyrant-conquerors have always sent their criers ahead of them to announce Borg-like that "resistance is futile."

One of my all-time favorite novels is Stephen Pressfield's Gates of Fire about the Spartans at Thermopylae. In it, Pressfield recreates this anecdote about Dienekes from Herodotus:

"Although extraordinary valor was displayed by the entire corps of Spartans and Thespians, yet bravest of all was declared the Spartan Dienekes. It is said that on the eve of battle, he was told by a native of Trachis that the Persian archers were so numerous that, their arrows would block out the sun. Dienekes, however, undaunted by this prospect, remarked with a laugh, 'Good. Then we will fight in the shade'" - Histories, 7.226

Forget the numbers Joe cites above. Give me just three hundred Three Percenters -- men and women who can shoot, move and communicate, but more importantly, plan, gather intelligence, target wisely and execute ferociously in the manner of Fourth Generation warfare against the makers and planners of tyranny -- and the war to restore the Founder's Republic (and, it is to be hoped, to improve upon it) will be won shortly after the other side starts it.

Fear is contagious.

So is courage.

At some point, we have to ignore the fear-mongering doom wailers blocking the roads leading to the battle and push through them -- or knock them down -- to carry the fight to the attacking enemy. Stop worrying, people, about what THEY are going to do to US, and start preparing, planning and training for what WE will do to THEM if they terminally misbehave.

End of rant.

Dutchman6 out.



Joe Huffman said...

It's "Huffman", not "Hoffman".

Other than that I have nothing to add.

Anonymous said...

Mark Koernke and Alex Jones don't hoe the same row.

Koernke is just plain goofy and adds nothing to the patriot movement but disinfo and confusion.

Alex simply exaggerates the facts. But like it or not, in his exaggerations there is plenty of truth. Alex is using the sells technique called "anchoring" to inform his listeners. Throw your anchor upstream in exaggeration, and then drift back down to reality. Many people need the shock jock attitude to get them to move (research).

Alex has also spurred thousands folks into action. And YOU know that is one of the hardest tasks of a manger/leader etc. Most AJ listeners understand his over the top style and deal with it appropriately. And Yes there are those that don't take the time to research and thus idolize every word. But that is the minority, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for years, we need to start watching the watchers and when the time comes, apply whatever medicine is needed. Pay attention to who these folks are and remember, this is the new Gestapo who will send you away for not kissing their feet enough.
The new form of law enforcement just revels in the SWAT look. It's high fashion and they like the high that comes from raiding little old ladies and killing pets. No return fire in these scenarios.
Getting pulled over these days is scary, they may beat and shoot you for breaking some new law you didn't even know about. And don't even think of having a gun in your car, that's worth a full firing squad.
Striking first may be the only option in the future.

sofa said...


"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem."
-Chesty Puller

Johnny said...

Actually, Alex has been pretty up-beat lately.

But not too much, I hope - I love it when he gets to ranting.

tom said...

Alex is often over the top and does self-promote, but he also has done some good investigative work. I think he just gets caught up in playing his "Alex Jones" persona at times, as in person off air, he seems rather thoughtful. As far as the money goes, he doesn't mind people putting his stuff on youtube and passing out duplicates of his DVDs, I've got that on rather good authority.

Just like everybody else, he has his upsides and downsides. He follows a lot of false trails but he's dug up some truth here and there. I look at people like him as "information aggregators" and then look at the sources and reflect on the facts. No different than how I look at main stream media news, truthfully.

Rabble Rousers like Alex, I have watched many times, lead people to places like Sipsey Street and WRSA when they start looking further into things on their own.

But I'm the guy who buys firearms and then takes chamber casts before loading for them, as I didn't chamber them and just because it says .270 stamped on the barrel doesn't mean it's on-axis and reamed properly. Test fire guns before relying on them for defense and hunting, etc.

Take EVERYBODY with a grain of salt. That's my personal vote.

There are absolute truths that can be found, in my reckoning, and a lot of what the world feeds you as truths, whatever the source, is really just opinions until measured and tested.

As for being out-gunned...I think I'm better equipped than the sheriff's department, so no worries on ownership ratios here unless they call in the State and/or National Guard as I'm a bit light in the tanks and helio gunship department...

All the best,

Anonymous said...

...and the war to restore the Founder's Republic (and, it is to be hoped, to improve upon it) will be won shortly after the other side starts it.

That is yet to be determined. The "other side" may never "start it" ... again. (Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina).

If our only hope is that they "start it", then we may be in for a rude awakening. They may just figure that their "soft tyranny" is working out well enough that their is no more need for "hard tyranny" (well, except for the occasional citizen attitude adjustment that works as a mass citizen reminder to keep our place ... which occurs daily).

270 million guns in private hands is of no concern for "them" while "their" acts of "soft tyranny" are working out splendidly.

If the "men" in this country will allow their wives and daughters naked bodies to be ogled by TSA goons without so much as violent reaction ... to be groped at as well .. just exactly will it take for them to make up their minds that they are going to take back their republic? Another "Waco"?

Violence takes many forms. How about the violence that daily assaults our minds, our virtue, our modesty, our common sense, the truth, and etc.?

The truth is: "We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts."

We are well beyond that transformation. Not so much by force of arms ... but by the "law" and the threat and use of violence to ensure that the "law" is adhered to.

To many people believe that obeying the law is the measure of goodness and virtue ... all the while, it ... the law ... shackles them into beasts. It was the "law" that compelled those of you to make a stand across the Potomac, rather than across the lawn from the Capital building. It is the "law" that compels us to live like beasts, rather than free men.

It is the "law" that is and will be our undoing. Not another Waco.

When Hitler consolidated the law into his favor. When Hitler used the law to build his nationwide security apparatus, when Hitler convinced the masses that the LAW was virtue ... the III per's of Germany were crushed into a minor annoyance and it took a massive military adventure of combined armies to crush Hitler.

They are working against you RIGHT now. They are consolidating all their laws against you right now. They are consolidating all their security apparatuses against you right now.

If our only hope is that they "start it" ... then let us hope that they start it prematurely.

As of right now, the law, the consolidation of their security apparatuses, technology, and propaganda, is on their side. And so far, they are winning.

It may console some to think that the government is full of a bunch of bubbling idiots ... well, look at where those bubbling idiots have done to us so far.

Just something to think about.

Chuck Martel said...

We own all of the deer rifles. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Deep down, all of the leftist want-to-be-tyrant gun confiscators are cowards. Most love the idea of disarming the masses but you will never see them doing the dirty work.

As a hypothetical example, assume the worst does happen and Obama and crown sign the UN treaty and start gun confiscations. Your small group of 300 could massively screw with their OODA loops and decision processes by sending an anonymous mass mailing to various police chiefs, district attorneys, and judges warning them that 1) they would personally be held responsible in the even that this gun action was enforced, 2) if they do anything to support this gun confiscation they and their subordinates would be considered to be traitors and would be attacked by various methods (e.g. sniping; random hits; IEDs) and executed, 3) if there are any Waco's or attacks on civilians (including house-to-house sweeps, mass roundups, or any child or innocent being harmed in any way), the 300 would burn their homes down and kill their families in a Sippenhaft strategy, and 4) they can ensure their safety and that of their families by either a) resigning their positions and fleeing or b) obeying the oaths they took and arrest/kill all government criminals responsible for enacting or enforcing the unconstitutional gun confiscations. After these warnings have been sent, follow through. If even a small hand full of these letter recipients get justice executed by the 300, the Feds will have a massive non-compliance problem. Add the impact of just several dozen government thugs getting themselves killed each day by Americans who have drawn a line in the sand and refuse to give up their guns, the government gun confiscation machinery would grind to a halt. Furthermore, their only hope would be to try even more draconian measures (e.g. use foreign troops) that would instantly kill much of their remaining support and give even greater popular support to the (armed) resistance movement.

Obama and crowd might actually be this stupid but they will get a very nasty surprise should they try to implement something like this. Any measure like the proposed UN treaty would trigger a very violent 4th generation civil war in the US which the Feds will loose. The $64 bonus question is whether Obama and crowd have their allegiances to foreign players and are willing to do this precisely because it would devastate the US and serve the goals of their foreign masters.

Harry "Midnight Misogynist" Reid said...

Indeed, I was glad to see the stories of the Spartans made into the sort of fantasy / historical movie, "300", and so many of the good lines were used in the script.
About the two cartoon cuties having a dialogue there - my only suggestion would be a third voice from the wings chiming in ~
Glenn Beck, voice shaking with emotion and weeping:
If only you'd voted more and... sob... bought more of MY books...

Anonymous said...


in your sig, "III" instead of "II"

With no head to lop off, they'll have a very hard time doing much of ANYthing in response.

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER EVER advocate the targeting & execution of anyone, such as members of: The TRILATERAL COMMISSION, The BILDERBERG GROUP or The Council on Foreign Relations. I do like to keep my CHRISTMAS CARD LIST updated so as to be able to easily find my FAVORITE people. One can never tell when the magic opportunity comes along to deliver a magical Christmas Gift that might just change things. Locally, the use of the tax assessor's database or the website to locate certain Special People who need to be on the Christmas Card List is a nice idea. Like the Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared. Know far in advance where to send your "Christmas Cards" so that the bastards do not catch us flat-footed and unawares. Once things get a bit dicey, it does pay to "Be Prepared".

Pat H. said...

I have reminded the Gun Confiscation Lobby for more than 12 years that if even one percent of gun owners, based on the very conservative figure of 100 million gun owners in America, choose to resist that the combined efforts of all of the US military (including the Coast Guard) and all of the cops in America could not win, in fact the combat wouldn't even be a tie.

Anyone who's studied guerrilla warfare knows that at least 10 armed and trained army personnel are required for every guerrilla in the field in order to win. That has held true since it was first studied in the 1950's, it's true today. One million resistant gun owners would require 10 million combat troops and 20 million combat support troops. Those are numbers that are physically impossible under any known circumstances, even foreign troops won't help, they in fact would galvanize additional gun owners to enter the fight.

More importantly in some ways, there are actually about 150 million gun owners in America who own approximately 600 to 750 million guns.

I used to patronize a large gun store in San Leandro, CA near Oakland. There was, until CA outlawed them, a semi-automatic M60 sitting on a display counter near the back of the store. I asked the sale guy handling my purchase if they ever thought they'd sell that gun, he promptly informed me that they'd sold over two hundred of them since the first of the year (it was July when I asked). That was at $2400.00 each.

Things like that matter.

Dennis308 said...

Still waiting patiently. They have not made their move yet.When they do it will be them that pay the ultimate price in the end.


straightarrow said...

Gotta go with Brutus here and partially with Anonymous. Partially because I wouldn't warn them. They have been warned and they took an oath that shouldn't require a warning.