Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe God is trying to tell him something.

I doubt he got the message.


Dr.D said...

would it be so simple...


Son of Liberty said...

Many A cold and weary GI would have liked to have been able to get out of the rain..... Only the sounds they heard were not thunder.

Shame on him.

I'll be willing to stake my life on a bet that the tomb of the unknowns was silently manned during that downpour.

Anonymous said...

"Obama thrilled the crowd at Abraham Lincoln National Ceremony . . . "

Did a tingle run up their (collective) legs?

And I even got to enjoy hikes in the rain during my tour with the 25th Dimension (Electric Banana Leaf)in Hawaii.

B Woodman

Taylor H said...

Good grief, our President is hydrophobic!

Dennis308 said...

I don´t remember where it says in the Bible but it is there.

Though their eyes be open they shall not see,and though their ears be open so also they shall not hear.

It´s not verbatim but I think you can get the gist of what I´m saying.This Man cannot see or hear past his own ideas,plans and vision.He is blind and deft to any reason outside of his socialist dream.he does not care about American History or Tradition.
And he knows no shame,even though he has plenty of reason to feel that shame bearing heavily upon him.


straightarrow said...

Why didn't he simply stop the storm? Or are all his supporters wrong about his omniscience?

Ironically the word authorization word is "dopeo" as in Dope O?

aughtsix said...

Surely a "Lightworker," "The One," could have parted the clouds and brought out the Sun???

Poseur. Impostor. Fraud. Charlatan. Liar. Cheat. Hypocrite. Pathological Narcissist.

Remind you of anyone?

Let's see, who could it be? Hmmmm......