Thursday, June 3, 2010

I would've shot the sonofabitch.

Brilliant. Just absofrigging brilliant.


Witchwood said...

It's just a matter of time before something like this, or some new reality teevee show, runs into someone with a concealed carry permit. The resulting litigation would be fascinating.

Dakota said...

Yes it would be fascinating Witchwood. Had I came across this little incident I'd a "anchored" his ass and asked questions later. Whew

Fools ..... fools being coached by assholes.

aughtsix said...

Around here, hospitals all have "gun free zone" signs. So, nut jobs, criminals and cops, pardon the redundancy, feel perfectly safe in such antics.



Dedicated_Dad said...

They mention "a disconnect" wherein someone - apparently - failed to notify the staff that this "drill" would be happening.

Let's assume they DID complete such a notification, then a REAL psycho burst in -- AS HAPPENED JUST A YEAR AGO AT THIS HOSPITAL.

Imagine -- (read in David Spade's most annoying, whiny/sarcastic voice:"Nobody worry -- it's just a drill!

Duude -- you sure are a funny-looking mother-****er! Seriously -- couldn't they have picked somebody who looked LESS like a moron for this? Ohhh-noooooo PLEASE don't shoot me mister terrorist!! I'm soooooo scared!!

Try as I might, I just can't figure out any scenario where this becomes a good idea.

You're not alone, Mike -- I'd have shot him too...


WV="Sacketi" -- "Looks like somebody's gonna get the ol' sacketi over this one!"

Carl said...

Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is often terminal. I'd have capped him without any warning. He deserved it.

Parrothead Jeff said...

I live in Las Vegas and not only do many people carry concealed, others like me open carry.

Mike, my first reaction when I read about that was that I would've shot him, too. And eight rounds of 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124g JHP would've really ruined his day.

I really don't want to have to shoot anyone. I don't want to have to go through that. If it did happen this way, I'd sue the hospital in one helluva hurry.

Let's all just be thankful it didn't end in bloodshed this time.

Taylor H said...

Morons! You just scared half of the patients to death...literally!

pdxr13 said...

An armed man herding uniformed hospital staff away from patients is more than a little interesting. Last time I checked, NV is full of legal CC permit holders. Some of them ought to be carrying while on duty at the hospital.

Hospital staff take note: you are dealing with "the public" at one of their most stressful times. Anyone walking in the front door can do anything, and some are hell-bent on evening the score for the bad times they have just had. Being effectively armed is the least precaution a staff-person could take in such a situation.

The biggest problem is Hospital Administration, who are effectively insulated from the low-grade war on the streets (they think), making policy banning licensed/trained self-defense firearms from the grounds. It's difficult to conceal the fact of a pistol in a shoulder holster when undressing in a locker room.

Janitorial staff, especially, ought to be carrying a well-concealed pistol along with their ring of keys to access every locked room.

I can understand psych-ward orderlies not carrying, because of the nature of close-contact with patients, but someone in plain clothes on the floor ought to be armed.

Hospital staff can console themselves with the thought that there is no better place for a threatening bad guy (or idiot cop playing the part) to get shot than at a trauma center.


Dennis308 said...

Frickin Idiots, The LOE at least should have known better than to do something as stupid as that. If a CHL(Texas)had been waiting outside of the emergency room the dumb ass cop could have got himself shot.And if there has been someone with a heart condition(in a hospital)they could have provoked that person to have a heart attack.
This is an example of pure f#ckin Ignorance on all the parties involved and someone should lose their job over it.


ParaPacem said...

Yeah, Witchwood, it would tickle the hell out of me to see some idiot like that, eat a half dozen .45 Hornadys and gasp with his last rasping breath... "This.... was... just... a... "

The only thing funnier would be if the fake tango was capped by an off-duty cop!!! That would be a knee slapper!!

And yeah, the lawyers on all sides would be in full feeding frenzy mode.

NetRanger said...

So, none of these people were armed? Tell that police officer to stay away from Indiana. If I would have been in the hospital at that time the man would probably have 8 .25 holes in his head or 16 .356 holes in his chest cavity depending on which pants I was wearing and what mood I was in.

Had he dropped his gun, showed me his badge and begged for mercy, I'd probably have just shot him in the foot for being stupid. Ooops! Sorry. Accident. Stupid should always be painful.