Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Economic "Who's on first?" by two Australian satirists.

Would be a lot more hysterical if didn't reflect a real bloody disaster.

By John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.

Four other classics from Clarke and Dawe:

The front fell off.

How the financial system works.

Clarke & Dawe's guide to surviving the economic crisis

Clarke & Dawe talk doom and gloom.


Taylor H said...

Humor and satire always makes everything so simple to understand.

FSHB said...

A small fire extinguisher, and a camouflage kit - brilliant.

aughtsix said...

Humor is always at someone's expense. Witness the Three Stooges.

This is at everyone's expense. 6 billion stooges, less about several hundred thousand politicians, bureaucrats and banksters.

Joke's on them too, they just don't know it.

Rope, tree, crony capitalistmercantilist, facist...

Some assembly required.

Get busy.