Friday, April 2, 2010

"What do you mean when you say, 'No more free Katrinas?'"

THIS is what I mean.

Thanks to Irregular Dale for forwarding the link.


Taylor H said...

Yeah...let's see, how did Charelton Heston put it?

Anonymous said...

We are everywhere...OK's, and If or rather when the day comes that soldiers such as this shitbird engage on American Citizens be fore-warned there are others that WILL Engage YOU ALSO!

rexxhead said...

I have, I think, more ammunition than I will be able to... um... use in such a circumstance.


parabarbarian said...

How did Charlton Heston put it?

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"

PKL said...

Clarence Ray Nagin, Jr was the Mayor at the time, he is an executive of Cox Communications, which should be boycotted.

The chief of police deserves to be shot, I'm NOT going to do it because of a lot of reasons, one being that he didn't take my gun away. It is the responsibility of those who were wronged to take care of it. According to another blog I read sometimes, they were really close to open civil war in the city, solely over gun rights.

If the chaos and police brutality had lasted one more day there might be a nationwide civil war going on as I type this.

typeay said...

But, but, it CAN'T happen HERE.

patriot_ohio said...

I'm with rexxhead. I have more than enough ammunition in this circumstance.

This won't happen here. At least, not for very long.


Anonymous said...

If they make this decision where me and mine live, they will indeed learn it was a mistake.