Saturday, April 3, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" Update.


I have begun to receive reports of "We Are Everywhere" strikes all over. The problem is these have so far come in unverified. PLEASE, if you send a "We Are Everywhere" message, or alternately "III Are Everywhere" as someone has suggested, document it by cell phone image or some other means. I will not report specific instances unless accompanied by verification. Now, above and below you will find several suggestions from Irregulars for graphics to use on computer-generated stickers. Feel free to produce your own.

There are also suggestions to use the Nyberg and Gadsden Flags along with the sentiment: "We Are Everywhere."


CM said...

I sent in my census form with a little note attached letting those dopes know we are everywhere.

Will document for verification from now on.

Anonymous said...



Print on 8x10 with a laser printer, then fold into a zip lock bag, with enough milk to soak the paper.

at the selected location, wet the area with more milk, then apply the print. smooth to expel any air pockets.

Once dry, VERY difficult to remove.