Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"We Are Everywhere" stickers laid out for Avery labels.


I just received this email with attachment regarding
the "We Are Everywhere" campaign.

Hello Mike,

My name is (REDACTED.)

I am a regular visitor to your Sipseystreet Irregulars Blog.

I have posted a number of remarks under the name of "Legal Alien". I am obviously a strong supporter of your Blog and your Threeper philosophy.

The recent blog posting about civil disobedience (if that is what some want to call it) and the notion to put the Collectivists on notice that the Threepers are everywhere got my thinking about ways it can be achieved. Being a computer geek, I took the liberty of copying one of the images I found very compelling, played around it some, and was subsequently able to reformat/resize it slightly to be printed on a shipping label. For the label, I choose a 3 1/3" x 4" Avery shipping label with 6 labels to a page (using the Avery 5164 label template). I used Microsoft Word for this purpose.

The results are really very nice. Six labels to a page - quick to remove and stick where you want it to be noticed. Can be printed on any laser, or inkjet printer. The label paper is available at any stationary store, or Walmart (where I got mine).

I am attaching herewith the MS Word document, already formatted and filled with 6 labels. If you feel like it, feel free to make it available on your blog and maybe some Threepers, Oathkeepers or other patriots who visit your blog prior to the April,19th DC event, can use it, and run off a number of sheets of labels, and have them ready and available on April 19th, to stick wherever there is an opportune spot.

Some shopfront windows, mailboxes, Obama bumper stickers etc, in my vicinity is going to get labeled in the next few days.

Good luck with the April 19th DC event and watch your sixes!!!

Legal Alien

OK, so if you want me to send you Legal Alien's template, all laid out and ready to print, drop me an email at

I'm still waiting for confirmed reports of the "We Are Everywhere" campaign. Am I getting across to anyone out there? More importantly, are we getting across to them? We ARE Everywhere.



Dan said...

How about, as a slight modification,
"III are everywhere"?

Anonymous said...

I made my own template, but do be mindful of a few things people.

When these stickers start showing up it is possible investigations could be started by law enforcement to locate the perpetrator (depending on where the stickers are placed, of course). They will try to find out who bought this kind of paper in the last week or so, something easily obtained from stores if you are not careful.

When you purchase stock from stores, pay with cash rather than a credit or debit card. Hat and shades are recommended as well.
At the point of sale don't be caught on video wearing your company jacket or T-shirt having your business name on it. Avoid buying online since a shipping address will be required.

Don't use a copy business for printing or duplication. They will remember you and your receipt leaves a paper trail.

If you stick them somewhere, wipe them clean. A finger print left on the backside adhesive can be seen plain as day through a window, so wear gloves if possible.

I know this is common-sense stuff, but play safe so you can play more days.

Anonymous said...

Mike :

My son & I just placed our first sticker in the mens room of our local gun club. The first of many more to come.

This is simple, peaceful warfare at it's finest.

I'm wondering if anyone has located a source for Avery or Avery type labels that would be weatherproof, so outdoor locations could be used.

I chose indoors for my first sticker as I think the ink would run from my ink jet printed, 'normal' paper surface label.

Ideas ?

Up the Republic, down the Collectivists - by God's grace

Chaplain Dave
III - we are Everywhere

Mayberry said...

I love it.

Nate said...

Also be advised, and this is in a worst case scenario, that every printer has a unique "signature"(it's serial number) that it leaves on every page it prints. My best suggestion is to have a throwaway printer that you toss in the dump a few counties away after you print up a good stock of stickers.
Keep Safe

Anonymous said...

Also remember that laser printers will "microprint" identifying information on each sheet. If you are lucky and careful, the microprinting will be be on the edge of the sticker sheet that you throw away. Otherwise, the sticker can be positively traced to your equipment.

Anonymous said...

There is a great little sci-fi novel called "The Wasp". Short version is the troublesome wasp puts anti-government stickers up in various places. The best part is that the ink on the stickers is a dried acid that etches almost anything when it is rehydrated.
We need a really good chemist heh, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

As stated previously about paper.
Buy a printer with cash. And disguise yourself.

Watch where you buy it too.

Wally World's video tapes have been taken by LE and sales matched to cashiers and the customers.

Legal Alien said...

I have been using an inkjet printer for my first test run and there are no indications on any of the labels of printer id markings.

The more obvious evidence to be aware of will be fingerprinting on the paper.

Be careful out there.

Legal Alien.

Smince [III] said...

If you're looking for durability, there are suppliers online which will print these on vinyl in short production runs. They're not as cheap as you're own, but they are pro-quality. Here's one such:

Anonymous said...

When we visited the Alamo last year, I signed the guest book w/my name and III. It just felt so right.

Anonymous said...

If "they" think an arrest for a sticker in a public place is worth a shoot out...

Bring it.

creezYskipper said...

I have been following this for a while and it seems to be picking up steam. I like your style Mike. "We ARE Everywhere".

continue the propagation...

Anonymous said...

I like it!
But if Legal Alien redoes the template, I wish he'd keep the drawing historically accurate and lose the bayonet. Neither the Concord nor the Lexington statues includes one.

Anonymous said...

Contact Mike.
Get the dot doc sent to your email.
Go to the public library.
Use THEIR computers and printers to download and copy.

Just a suggestion . . . .

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

or print on plain paper then load a copy machine with the stickers and xeroxc the logos onto the avery paper. The microcode wont survive the copying process - insuffucuent resolution.

Anonymous said...

I may have a new mission while I still hunt for work. Lots of ground covered, lots of places visited. Looks like fun.

-A Patriot

Concerned American said...

Re the bayonet, I'll betcha every swinging Johnson who could find and hang one on his musket did so -- especially after Bunker Hill.

Point being, the War lasted more than six years.

The bayonet adds eye appeal, IMHO. Keep as is.

Legal Alien said...

"But if Legal Alien redoes the template, I wish he'd keep the drawing historically accurate and lose the bayonet. Neither the Concord nor the Lexington statues includes one.

April 8, 2010 4:58 AM"

I wish I had the skills to claim ownership of the original artwork, but I cannot claim such artistic skills. I merely pirated a previously posted image and used my technical skills to resize it and fit it to a shipping label.
Historically accuracy might be important, but artistic interpretation and artistic freedom just lends more 'oomph' to the visual . . just my thoughts.

Legal Alien

jpr9954 said...

Anonymous said that every laser printer also micro imprints a distinctive code on everything it prints. This is incorrect. Only COLOR laser printers imprint a microcode which is something that supposedly meant to combat counterfitting.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the color laser printers use a yellow microdot that shows up under blue light.

They list the printers that do this on their website.

Plain B&W laser printers should be just fine. If you are still concerned, do as someone else suggested and print it out on plain paper and then Xerox it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to put this template up on a public download site?

Anonymous said...

It might take a little playing around with but just Right Click the image and choose Save Image As. I will have to check but OpenOffice should have a template for the Avery labels if you don't have MSWord on your machine.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? I don't see this as a threatening symboly in any way, shape or form.

If I send it off on mail, I'll include my return address.

Seriously - they'd open a huge can of worms trying to arrest people for a label.

Steven Peter Yevchak, Sr. said...

I've been doing my very best to get people to display their defiance:
I like the fact that these things can be made at home and posted in "appropriate" places!
Steven Peter Yevchak, Sr. - Grp Admin, South Carolina State Group @