Thursday, April 1, 2010

"We are everywhere." -- A call for all Sons of Liberty and Three Percenters who can to join the IRS plus a little task for those who can't .

In talking to a reporter yesterday I was asked, "Well, what are you going to do for an encore (to the Window War)?"

I assured him that I did not think the Window War was quite finished, and that it would revive with the attempts to "cram down" the global warming and amnesty bills in the coming months. Indeed, I can foresee that if any GOPer treats with the declared enemies of the Founders' Republic on these issues, the windows of BOTH parties will be broken, just as I posited in my short story The Window War, so many years ago.

"But is that it? Is that all?" he asked.

I merely smiled.

I didn't tell him, but, no. That is not all.

From the film Michael Collins, 1993:

Michael Collins to Royal Irish Constabulary "G Man" Ned Broy: What's this? What's all this? You've been on my heels for weeks. Very eager for a G man.

Broy: I've something for you. (Reaching inside his coat.)

Collins: Don't! (Sticking a revolver in Broy's neck.)

Broy: (Unfazed.) Don't you ever calm down? (Hands Collins a piece of paper.) Names and addresses of the whole cabinet. They're to be lifted tonight. It's an illegal gathering... in open defiance of His Majesty's government.

Collins: How'd you get this?

Broy: Like you said, I'm eager, for a G man.

Collins: Why should I trust you?

Broy: Logically, I suppose you shouldn't. But I've been on your heels for weeks... making notes of your speeches. Let's just say that you can be persuasive.

Collins: You work for the Castle for Christ's sake..

Broy: I know. What was it you said... "Our only weapon is our refusal".

Well, as my Michigan grandma once told me, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Nancy Pelosi has given us a great opportunity in the new "Health Care" Law. She's hiring some 16,000 plus new Internal Revenue agents to enforce her tyranny. So, why can't some of those be Three Percenters? I mean, there's a bunch of us out of work, yet we have clean records and skills that would dovetail nicely with those required of an IRS agent. Hey, we would also have the advantage of actually meaning it when they swear us in -- you know, that oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Indeed, while the private sector is shrinking, government at most levels is still growing, so the IRS is not the only agency that could benefit from dozens, hundreds, thousands of Ned Broy's.

Sweet lemonade indeed.

Thanks a bunch, Nancy!

So sign up today! Our Dear Leader needs you to enforce the "Health Care" Act! Join. Learn. Lurk in the shadows, and await the right time and place to muck up the works. And you don't need a Michael Collins to report to. We have the Internet. Study Fourth Generation Warfare and open source insurgency at John Robb's Global Guerrillas site and others. Begin today. Leave no trace. Shut up about your politics. At the very least, we will cause the IRS to waste vast amounts of time and money trying to ferret out our Ned Broy's during the selection process. And if you make it through, study, watch and wait.

I can see whole reams of internal documents posted anonymously to the web, raids compromised with no one there when the door lock is blown in by those new 14 inch barrel entry shotguns. I can see an entire agency in a blue funk, eating at its own vitals.

Oh yes, join now, without delay.

And for those of you who cannot do this, I have this task which is the best force multiplier suggestion I can think of.

Today, we must begin a new campaign: We Are Everywhere.

For we are, you know. Our Socialist Mandarin masters like Nancy Pelosi rub elbows with us everyday, though they do not know it.

We carry their mail and packages.

We check out their groceries.

We clean out their drains, fix their wiring, install their alarm systems and hand them their lattes at Starbucks.

We ARE everywhere.


They do not know this. It never enters their minds. Even if they knew it, they wouldn't care. We have no opinions, they believe, that they are bound to respect. In truth, they despise us. You can tell that by the sneering names they call us and by the arrogance with which they corruptly arrange tyrannical laws.

But they do not know that we are everywhere, passing through, or working in, their offices, their side businesses, their homes.

It is time to remind them.

Send them the message: We are everywhere.

There is no need to explain further. The message is the message.

So send them the message.

By little notes left in their morning papers.

By email, fax and letter.

By phone call.

It is no threat. "We are everywhere." Who is "we"? What do we mean "everywhere"? The message is the message. Nothing more is required. I suppose if you wanted to put a "III" on it, that would be okay, but keep it simple, keep it effective. The message is the message, and I can just see Eric Holder and his boys scratching their heads, trying to make a case out of three little words that by themselves threaten nobody.

Scrawl it in felt-tip pen on the restroom walls of federal buildings.

Leave it in the lockers at the athletic clubs they frequent.

Print it on stickers and slap them on the bumpers of their cars.

We are everywhere.

Paint it on sidewalks wherever it suits your fancy.

Put it on billboards for everyone to see.

We are everywhere.

Especially -- soon, thanks to Nancy Pelosi -- within the vitals of the Internal Revenue Service.

We are everywhere.

If you agree with this idea, pass it on. Let it go viral.

We are everywhere, Nancy.

Deal with it.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters.

PS: Oh, and thanks in advance for employing some of us.

PPSS: Threepers, I especially draw your attention to these guys: TIGTA is like the "Internal Affairs" of IRS. Ought to be some great openings for Three Percenters there. Go for it!

"And remember, lads, find out what they eat for breakfast."

LATER: Carl Bussjaeger sends this design, done in a few easy strokes.


Doc Enigma said...

The only thing about screaming, "EAT ME! EEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTTT MEEEEEEEEEE!" is that sooner or later, the bug DOES eat you.

I'm just sayin'.....

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant!

Not everyone could put their brick to a single good use without great planning and risk, but you know they can put a marker to use dozens of times per day.

"We Are Everywhere"
"III Are Everywhere"

Even a plain "III" would be sufficient.

Stickers on the backside of traffic signs, chalked on the sidewalk, spray painted on the asphalt of an intersection, markered on a bathroom wall.

Even a can of the Monster energy drink can discreetly serve the purpose as it clearly has a "III" image painted on it.

Anyone taking guesses on when this first hits the MSM after spreading like wildfire? I predict April 4.

Desmond DeBug said...

Doc -
It does, but when it learns it can't digest you, it spits you out again - and your weapon is all clean, scoured of any harmful deposits by the bug's own juices.
Sweet justice. Acidic, but sweet.

Mike - I think it's a grand idea.
Let's keep our pikes a-shinin', for the rising of the moon.

Legal Alien said...

As an alternative to breaking windows, those same windows can remain intact, with a HUGE III sprayed all over it.

It is almost silent . . . just a quiet HISSSSSS, no sound of breaking glass to wake up the local police officer sleeping in his car - that same officer that is currently parked outside the Democartic Party office, to deter a window breaker.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...


It's funny how blogs, even little, almost unheard of ones like mine influence things. Beautiful idea. Another avenue is to influence others, especially the younger generation. People recognize truth and honor when they see. They admire it and want to emulate it.

Posted to my blog.


Steve K said...

"Tyler Durden: [to the police chief] Hi. You're going to call off your rigorous investigation. You're going to publicly state that there is no underground group. Or... these guys are going to take your balls. They're going to send one to the New York Times, one to the LA Times press-release style. Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not... fuck with us."

Similar things have been said before. I like how you said it.

Anonymous said...

Actually it will be closer to 17,000 and I agree...GET INVOLVED!

Anonymous said...

The Window War's fame spreads. A comment from a Townhall blog combox:

"Cloaked as the Fairness Doctrine. Leftians are getting pretty bold these days in their attempt to control every aspect of our lives. From the EPA threatening to impose Cap 'n Tax through regulation to watch the FCC try to regulate the Internet. And they were complaining about bricks through their windows!! Leftians need to read up on history as well to see how those unwashed unruly Americans start responding to state command and control."

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Before you do any of the above, check your six. Look for ANY source of observation, human or camera, keep your identity secure.


Ahab said...

Perfect! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A Heinlein. Science fiction about the rebellion from an abusive Earth government by the moon. The 'man' Simon Jester was created. Sharp, jabbing poetry, graffiti, warnings, stickers and notes. By anyone, just using the name Simon Jester and signing it all with a caricature of two horns and a smile. Eventually, the symbol by itself was enuff to stress the government out. Excellent book. He has also written the book How to take Back Your Government (Baen Books, reprinted last month).
Just a thought.


Phelps said...

Anonymous said...

"We are everywhere."

Doc Enigma said...

The "III" is the way to's already got some recognition....the eyeball will not be understood.

My .02

dennis308 said...


frost2 said...

Boots on the ground in the IRS... something just sounds right about that. Recommended reading:

Carl Bussjaeger said...

Speaking of Simon Jester. You might find some of those ideas useful, too.

Full disclosure: I started (turned it over to someone else when I ran out of money). I was very proud when I got word that Ginny Heinlein approved, and felt sure that Robert would have, too

For those concerned about possibly damaging private property, consider sticky notes. Just the thing for POV windows. They go up fast and discretely.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are already in place.....


Anonymous said...


"Who is John Galt?"

-Dave McKee

Shy Wolf said...

The movie "V" comes to mind with this idea of the "III" spray painted every where! Love the idea.
Also, already applied for IRS job- I need a new shotgun, and what better place to get one?

Anonymous said...

Simple and diabolic.
Simply diabolic.

B Woodman

Luud the Excourager said...

Yes, a clever scheme indeed. Not quite as intimidating as a brick through a window, but perhaps more effective, and certainly equally justified. For you are everywhere. Investing my Mom's retirement money. Selling me my house. Running a local golf course. Driving over our nation's interstate highways. Indeed you are powerful. I wish you godspeed in your quest. May you be treated mercifully at your prosecution, and may your sons be grateful for your noble acts of defiance against our duly elected government and their laws. I'm sure they will heed your courage while visting you in jail.

Anonymous said...

I do like the "We Are Everywhere" idea, although others have used it too. For the sake of speed I think "III" would be better. I could, for instance, hypothetically, write that behind my back on an elevator wall packed with people and no one would be the wiser.

What do you say, Mike? Shall we make "III" a household word?

Legal Alien said...

"Some of us are already in place.....



Anonymous said...


You have allies.

Roofing nails in their parking lots.


Anonymous said...

I'd apply. But its obvious they only hire people with a degree in Bolshevism, that have a penchant for sadism.
The room temperature I.Q.,i got. .........mthead

Kyle said...

I have just begun my first installment, which is a traveling billboard that remarkably resembles the rear window of my truck...I travel roughly 70 miles per day so many will see and wonder. Whilst joyfully driving to and fro, spreading this obscure yet alluring message, I shall be leaving "III" EVERYWHERE I go. Mwah ha ha hah!!!

Atlas Shrug said...

Like Dave M. above, the first thing that came to my mind was also

"Who is John Galt?"

The "We are everywhere" mantra is a bit more direct, a bit sharper, and a bit less arcane than the above of "Atlas Shrugged" fame - as it should be.

These times are a bit more in your face, a bit more acerbic, and a bit more surreal than the novel, thus it fits, well.

Let's get it done!

Keep you powder dry,

Atlas Shrug

"We Are Everywhere"

Ted said... can't kill an idea, but we can kill you.

Anonymous said...

It seems that this made it to Madcow's blog already. Hey Mike, maddow must have the hots for ya....don't pick up the soap! :)

Keep fighting the good fight.

The Wigpeeler

348 said...

A little geographic information might put the scare on the collectivist scourge. Let them know what exactly everywhere means.

The map's embeddable, so feel free to put it on your blog for a bit and share the e-mail address so I can add people's rough locations.

All I want to know is what city they are in, no exact GPS coordinates of the doorstep or anything like the census guys :)

Anonymous said...

My slogan is on the signature. Simple, instantly recognizable by most, and if you know what "III" means, then you know that what follows is ominous.

If you likey, then shamelessly run with it.

III to get ready...

chinasyndrome said...

Vanderboegh,you are a bloody genius.Hell ya have to work some where right? I have sticky notes,paint,and sharpies.


Anonymous said...

Get a group together and rent a plane and do some "Sky Writing." Wink, wink. :o)

E said...

Frost2, I completely agree. Check out all of Jefferson Mack's writings they are excellent!

Invisible Resistance to Tyranny: How to Lead a Secret Life of Insurgency in an increasingly unfree world (America):

There are other books by him also. Check them out. Learn them. Live them.

E said...

Another great Jefferson Mack masterpiece: The Safe House: Setting Up and Running your Own Santuary.

Also, check out Underground Railraod by the same author.

There are more. Just check it out.

Matt said...

Love it, Mike and will shortly post it to my blog. Decided to act on it.
We are everywhere t-shirt

Let's keep them worried! Or in the case of the stupid ones (yes, I know, a far greater majority), get them worried!

Anonymous said...

Won't work. First, they'll hire primarily Indian immigrants and big city liberals. Second, if this sort of deliberate double-dlealing underhandedness was what Americans were good at, we wouldn't be Americans.

johnnyreb said...

Absolutely brilliant.

After "We are everywhere" it won't be long and "III" will be known far and wide as meaning the same thing.

I agree, it will become our "V".


PKL said...

I love this Idea, thing is I'm way ahead of you. I started leaving window war rocks in odd places where they stick out. Just fist-sized rocks with a big III% on them laying around in conspicuous places. Been doing it since last October. I always wonder what people think when they find one.

Unknown said...

"As an alternative to breaking windows, those same windows can remain intact, with a HUGE III sprayed all over it."

Or better yet, just a sticker that you can slap on as you're walking by. You know, those stickers that are next to impossible to remove... "We're Everywhere" or "III".

Unknown said...

But, I am of course assuming that extra due diligence will be observed by III'per IRS agents when auditing the likes of, oh say, the ACLU, NEA, the Southern Poverty Law Center, NPR, Planned Parenthood, the Fed (yea right), what's left of Acorn, and other such fun loving groups - right?.

^Hawk^ said...

Awesome Idea Mike!!!

We are everywhere!


straightarrow said...

Luud, I am sure your children will have no reason for pride in you.

Are you sure you're not Sebastian?

Anonymous said...

I note someone wrote a III in two different places in the Defiance Ohio BW3's tonight.

Those bastards.



Patrick Henry said...

STJones: This part is MOST terrifying: [The FCC's goals in a proposed internet takeover are ..."to curate content, serving as both a filter to reduce information overload and a megaphone to give voice to the unheard"...


We're not CENSORING anything, we're just filtering our input to protect you from information overload.

We're not pushing lefty propaganda, we're "providing a megaphone to give voice to the unheard." Sure - the same "unheard" message is the only thing being said on every channel, but that's because it's been unheard for so long, now we have to go overboard in the interest of "fairness."


I know I've posted this before, but PLEASE check out

This will make any cameras totally blind to your face.

They also could be used to blind the cameras to your license plates as well!!


Anonymous said...



Sass Cunstein said...

Have to admit - I NEVER thought of having our younger IIIs enter the workforce of the CIA, BAT-FU, FeeBIes and other three letter government agencies. They waste millions of OUR dollars each year infiltrating patriotic organizations; turn about is fair play.
And I'll bet the R.A. Bear already has some contacts 'holding the door open' for new workers.
Welcome to the NEW world of government employees.


Smince said...

These would be perfect media, too:

Anonymous said...

On a similar note, you can also volunteer to mingle with the Obamabots in their various by registering to volunteer at They'll even help you find groups close to home and send email reminders on their latest lemming marches. Great intel on what lib-tards are up to.


RJIII said...

Remember Kilroy was here from WWII? They still find it on packing crates in Gub warehouses. Simple to draw with a III.


How about vehicles with "obama-biden" stickers.....just a III in soap, marker or paint on the drivers window will make them aware that we've noticed them. The stickers will disappear real quick. Plus there will always be that feeling in the back of their minds....."someone is watching me"............Matt III

Anonymous said...

Years ago there was a website where users submitted their photos of their middle finger in front of a Hummer, supporting the gas-guzzler stance. How about sending similar photos to Mike with Obamalama photos in the background? I think it would be humorous.

Anonymous said...

One more try...

Some IR LEDs, a battery and a ball-cap will keep cameras from seeing your face -- see

The same could be done on the back of your car to blind the same cameras to your license-plate.

Check it out good before relying on it - if your camcorder can't see you, odds are any sec-cams can't either...

daeth said...

If you look at, it seems to be an anticapitalist website. I know that the first thing I would do when I saw those stickers would be to google "we are everywhere" as I probably wouldn't remember the III. I would see that it says anticapitalist divil and then not look any harder.

sweettina2 said...