Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sean Maddow/Rachel Hannity.

Tell me these guys ain't from the same gene pool. Thanks to Doc Enigma for the observation.


Anonymous said...

Are Rachel and Sean the same age?
They could be twin brothers.

Chuck Martel said...

I think she looks a lot like Mary Lou Retton.

dennis308 said...

Two prime examples of why abortion should stay legal.To bad their Mothers did'nt take that option.

Longbow said...

Militia crazies! Birthers! Truthers! Streamists!

Everyone out there is a nut-burger....except for me!

David T. McKee said...

They may look alike, but they are polar opposites. Say what you want about Sean Hannity, he at least is trying to move the country back to original constitutional principles. While he may not go far enough, and may have un-earned faith in the Republican party, at least he stands with the Tea-Party movement and desire the same freedoms we all want to preserve against the evil from the left. So I simply don't understand why we are wasting invective against him, when idiots like MadCow deserve all of it.

We gotta stop shooting our own toes off.

-David T. McKee

Justin said...

We're not shooting our own toes off. Hannity wants a return to GOP rule, not a Constitutional Republic.

His answer to it all is to vote dead elephant in November. We'll see how far that gets us.

I'd rather face 100 Madcows than a "conservative" who points back to the GOP for solutions. No more collaboration.


Anonymous said...

Well, they're both gay?...... google Hal Turner, you'll find Hammity in a few threads; friends with Turner and at one point discussing their "confusion" earlier for liking the same sex.

jcard21 said...

Which photo is who?

Kevin Patrick said...

You;ll find most people, like Hannity, say they want 'freedom,' but what they really mean is they want their own private tyrannies.

When I hear someone who supposedly wants to "return to the Constitution" and wants an empire, I have to call the first BS.


Anonymous said...

Funny, but still sick and twisted.

B Woodman

Larry said...

Are Rachel and Sean the same age?
They could be twin sisters.

idahobob said...

Just more proof that the gene pool needs bleach added to it.


Anonymous said...

"We're not shooting our own toes off. Hannity wants a return to GOP rule, not a Constitutional Republic."

As do I, and after that we can work towards restoring everything else.

Until then, you vote GOP as that robs the messiah of power.

Voting against the GOP right now just gives the enemies of freedom power. THAT IS THE TRUTH.

It took time to GET to this point, and it's gonna TAKE time to get back to where things need to be. Patience is a virtue.

And Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, Walter Williams, etc, all are on the side of good, even if we may disagree with some of their stances.

Especially Williams: "If you ever hear that Walter William's guns have been taken, then you will know that Walter Williams is dead."

Moe Death said...

Yikes! Dykes!

Ok, I'll shut up and finish my Bushmill's now...


Brutus said...

Anonymous said...

Voting against the GOP right now just gives the enemies of freedom power. THAT IS THE TRUTH.

April 8, 2010 4:49 PM

EXCUSE ME ... Anonymous!

We have voted for the dumbocrats all these years ... AND HERE WE ARE!

We have voted for the repukocrats all these years ... AND HERE WE ARE!

What part of that does the "patriot" movement ... NOT GET?

When you keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over ... and keep expecting a different outcome ... over and over and over again ... IS STUPIDITY!

I suppose people will just have to find out the HARD WAY.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Amen to the bleach, IDAHOBOB, but you others are saying now what I advocated against in the runup to the 2008 elections. Then people were saying STAY HOME, STAY HOME, MacCLAIN IS NO CONSERVATIVE. The same thing in 1992 everybody voted for Mc Squeekey instead of G.H.W Bush and look what we got, Waco and other B.S. Well they were right, Bush I and McClain were no conservatives, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Look at the Supreme Court picks under Clinton, not much worse than G.H.W Bush and some conservative people hated Bush II so much they actually went against some of his picks on the courts. I hope we learn our lesson this and vote for conservative Republicians this time instead of putting these G.Dammed demoncraps back in to orifice.

Anonymous said...

Walter Williams should not be lumped in with the rest of that pack of charlatans. He is an intelligent and consistent in his views.

The others are fat rats making a lot of money on a sinking ship.

You can't have an empire and constitutional republic. They are not compatible.

TheGraybeard said...

Nah, I think Rachel looks more like Will Wheaton, the actor who played Ensign Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I thought they were twins separated at birth. Check out this:

Anonymous said...

Prof Walter Williams is one of the serious good people. He is one of the few that causes me to stop what I am doing to listen to. Kind of like that old financial advisor commercial.
I use his articles in lesson plans for my gkids.
The others I also use, but not necessarily as good examples.

Louis Turner said...

Pride stops to admire. Excellency proceeds forth. And Consistency drives them all to a place well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Justin, Brutus, Anonymous @ 6:23 pm:



Good point. Wes, however, is/was a good kid w/ a LOT of talent & a VERY bright future, where the best that Rachel can do is to be the sub for the regular anchor on the Clark regime's I.S.N. "newscast"which would be just like what she/he/it's doing now on MSNBC.

Cassandra (of Troy)