Friday, April 2, 2010

MSNBC Mad Dogs Media Militia: Felony Ratings Thieves and Alleged Builders of a Hybrid Conflation/Hysteria WMD code-named "Brown Scare 3."

A Public Service Announcement from the Sipsey Street Irregulars:

Forwarded by CPT R.A. Bear. From Doug Ross of directorblue, we have this APB:

The MSNBC Militia

Recognize any of these pasty white folks?

If so, the Nielsen Company wants to speak with you, because a certain cable network's ratings are missing -- and all of these crackpots are "persons of interest".

In addition to being felonious ratings thieves, CPT Bear tells me that the MSNBC Mad Dogs Media Militia are suspected of working on a "hybrid conflation/hysteria WMD code-named 'Brown Scare Three.'" Bear says it is "the Mother Of All Illogic Bombs" and can cause "mass casualties of truth and reason when detonated in front of the credulous and weak-minded."

This is reputed to be their mastermind and high priest and guru, the Dai-Lie Llama:

These collectivist white-breads may also be recognized by their obsession with race -- more rabidly so than a Nazi Gauleiter of Lower Saxony in 1934 -- and never miss an opportunity to characterize themselves as "anti-racist" and their opponents as "racists." This is their illogical default position when challenged on the facts.

Don't worry about confronting them. They are as allergic about firearms as Dracula is about a crucifix and sunlight, although they see no hypocrisy in employing bodyguards armed with Uzis. But the bodyguards aren't a problem either because the MSNBC Mad Dogs are loathe to confront their victims directly and will avoid equal time at all costs, lest their carefully constructed lies come apart.

Unfortunately, they are a government-sponsored militia gang and an extension of the state-security apparatus so no one will be arresting them any time soon. The best defense against them is if you see some poor skull full of mush watching them, intervene and change the channel. They will thank you later.

This has been a public service announcement of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. You may now return to your regular business -- preparing to resist federal tyranny. That is all.


Taylor H said...


Dedicated_Dad said...

I had to review the pics several times to get the joke.

I think I'm PROUD that I didn't recognize these vermin outside their usual odious lair!


Dedicated_Dad said...

PS: It was Untermensch - whose photo was an obvious 'shop - that clued me in...