Tuesday, December 8, 2015

VDH: "Why Do They Want to Come Here?"

"Too many Muslim immigrants are angry rather than grateful toward their new country."


Galaxie_Man said...

Why do they come here? Really? I have a one word answer.....INVASION!

How else to spread a worldwide caliphate with sharia law and to execute jihad against the infidels? Exploit the pussified immigration laws of western countries and WALK RIGHT IN!

Victor Davis Hanson is right, they leave shit holes to come to the greatest country on earth. That would make normal people quite happy to be here. They bring their anger and hate from where they come from.

Unknown said...

It should be noted with grave concern for our daughters that the immigrants are and will be YOUNG MEN. In Muslim countries, the OLD GUYS OWN MOST OF THE WOMEN. Therefore, the young males Obama imports will be a special danger to American women.


Anonymous said...

Because the want to conquer us. Anybody getting tire of the cluelessness of the punditry class?

Steady Steve said...

Time to start exporting Muslims, stop giving legal immigrants freebies, and shut our doors to particular countries. Make sure the Muslims that are here are made to feel unwelcome. As for the illegals from the south, I'm in agreement with Donald Trump. Round up and deport. I believe the greater majority of Americans agree, even if they don't openly say so.

Nemesis said...

Wherever Muslims settle, the land upon which they choose to dwell then becomes part of the world-wide Ummah. There is much optimism amongst many who have a basic knowledge of how Islam operates, that when the time comes to remove them they will respond to whatever offers of cash, one-way plane tickets etc, and remove themselves accordingly. That kind of thinking is wishful at best and just plain ignorant at worst, because the Muslim will not go peacefully from the land he determines to now be Islamic.

Bad Cyborg said...

First off, constantly having to refer to these people as "Muslims" is just inefficient. I move we shorten that to "Moes"(as in multiple instances of Maurice "Moe" Howard. "Moe" short for their pederast founder and alleged "prophet". The tie to one of the stooges is entirely fortuitous - but also proper.).

Now then, it should be abundantly clear that the Moes are not migrating here. They are not emigrating as refugees or to become immigrants. These people are COLONISTS; pure plain and simple. Immigrants migrate to find a better life and will willingly learn the ways of their adopted home, to integrate and perhaps assimilate (A process which does not require relinquishing their heritage or forgetting their roots.). Colonists, on the other hand, bring their culture with them and live under their own laws. Their loyalties lie elsewhere. They consider themselves and their own culture, religion, language, etc. to be superior to that in their destination and thus have absolutely no desire whatsoever to assimilate. It has always been so. When Europeans emigrated to the Americas, they considered the indigenous peoples to be heathens and barbarians and they had no intention of assimilating. Moes who emigrate to Europe or North America do so as COLONISTS, not IMMIGRANTS. Immigrants should be welcomed with open arms. Colonists should be turned away at the border or shot if they refuse to leave on their own. PERIOD!!!!!

To recap:
1. "Moes": Proposed neologism/slang referring to "Muslims"
2. Moes emigrating to Europe or North America are COLONISTS not IMMIGRANTS
3. Immigrants are good. Colonists are VERY BAD!(least from our perspective). (Don't believe me? How did the colonisation of the New World turn out for the indigenes?)

Anonymous said...

Or possibly, they’re angry at their “new country” for destroying their old country.

Anonymous said...

Invasion and usurpation of EASY TO TAKE resources and land. It doesn't require rocket science.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

The conquered man doesn't realize it until the conquerors sword begins cutting into their fool neck, and by then its far too late and fatal.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Sean said...

I really don't care why they are here. They need to leave, get OUT, NOW. If they refuse, there are other methods to remove them. Moslems don't belong here, because they are worthless human garbage.