Monday, December 14, 2015

Tiny Estonia uses a force of volunteer unpaid citizens– equipped with their own military arms– to hold the line.

The Estonian Defense League, a militia independent from the government, is made up of over 15,000 members, making it several times larger than the 6,500-member official Estonian Defense Forces.


Anonymous said...

Am not sure if you are suggesting this as a good thing.

Hypothetically, if there was such a pro-government militia here (with training & recruiting ties even into the Boy and Girl Scouts), would anyone online here join it?
Or would you be arraying 3%ers against it?

Fidel said...

As it should be

Anonymous said...

What I am impressed with in this report is how well equipped the militia members appeared. For the most part they were outfitted in matching uniforms, with appropriate load bearing gear and even helmets. They mostly looked squared away and professional despite their lack of training.
Compare this to videos of most American citizen volunteer militias which are more often than not dressed in a mismatch of uniforms, support gear and arms. Also, due to lack of trust by both the government and the members of the US militias, it is unlikely we will ever see citizen militias training alongside or with the support of the military either at State or Federal level.
Keep in mind that I am not addressing the existence or use of State Defense Forces (SDF)/State Guard/State Military Reserve organizations. As a former member of my State SDF I recognize the difference between the SDFs and what we know as citizen militias. Some State SDFs drill and exercise regularly and have membership totals in the hundreds. In my state the SDF consists of a few paid State Guard soldiers who work alongside National Guard soldiers in roles as Military Police, Youth Challenge program cadre and supply officers. These are all paid State Employees under the State Military Department. There are also those who are employees of the State Office of Emergency Preparedness who never wear a uniform but are technically listed as being members of the State Guard since the Military Department oversees the State OEP.
My State Guard is not promoted by my State Military Department. You won't find it listed on the website for the State Military Department along with the National Guard as some States do. Unless you are retiring from the State National Guard or are applying for a job with the State OEP you may never hear of it.
At the time I was a member I actively sought them out after being honorably discharged from the US Army. I was one of a handful of volunteer members who had not held a drill in over a year. I was assigned to the State OEP where I showed up 1 day a month in my dress B uniform and trained in use of computer software used to track disaster supplies and equipment during emergencies as well as the EOC ham radio station since I was (and still am) a licensed amateur radio operator. After about a year I realized that I was not going to get what I wanted being in the SDF and resigned.
Today I am a prepper and support the ideal of the 3% movement. I consider myself a minuteman capable of defending my community against enemies foreign or domestic.