Thursday, December 3, 2015

The ghosts of collectivism past. Cutting their gun confiscation teeth -- Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Burke, principals in Fast and Furious conspiracy, behind the scenes at the Clinton White House. ALSO: "The Left Prays To Its God Of Government."

The Clinton Files.
In short, the Clinton Presidential Archives are a breathtaking look into documents held secret during the Clinton years. These records reveal things that, until now, only Hillary Clinton and other insiders knew: things that put her latest “gun control platform” in a new—and profoundly threatening—light.
LATER: And they still haven't learned their lesson. "Democrats aren't afraid to be anti-gun anymore."
Many Democrats also thought the primary campaign against Bill Bradley pushed 2000 presidential nominee Al Gore too far to the left on guns. The stance cost Gore Arkansas, West Virginia and his home state of Tennessee. If he had carried any one of those states, he would have won the presidency even without Florida's hanging chads. Former Gore national spokesman Doug Hattaway went so far as to say "there's not a potent pro-gun control constituency in national elections. . ."
The debate is only partly about firearms policy. It's also a culture war issue. Obama was recorded talking about bitter people who cling to guns and religion. Liberals appear to hope that disarming largely law-abiding red-state gun owners (along with Sanders' progressive gun-toting constituents) will reduce the supply of guns in high-crime blue cities like Chicago, which already have tough gun laws on the books.
For Democrats, the obvious political risk is that gun owners will mobilize and vote heavily Republican in the 2016 elections. This could produce an outcome in the presidential race similar to Gore's defeat. It could also hurt Democrats in down-ballot races, where they are already struggling.
See also: "The Left Prays After San Bernardino Shooting, To Its God Of Government."


Anonymous said...

And their little criminal gremlin Sandy Berger went to meet Lucifer yesterday. That on top of Maurice Strong getting to know him the day before. Considering the "everything happens in three's" saying, I'm wondering who will be the next lucky contestant on "Government Minions to Hell"

Anonymous said...

Yea I got guns . And nobody's gonna grab em. Bring it on. I ain't getting any younger. Behind enemy lines Ct.

TheBohunk said...

My theory.....democrats know they have this election already in the bag and that is why they are going all in on gun control. Without even naming their candidate they already have, what, 240-some electorals? It's an easy layup for them.

Unknown said...

Gore could not have won Tennessee.
Most TN folks knew what ALGORE was were thru with him.

Anonymous said...

lol@ democrats having this election in the bag.
The reality is they know they have no shot, none whatsoever, which is why they ran such a weak field of candidates. No candidate of substance wants to fall on the Obama sword, knowing full well that waiting four or even eight years will be much more productive for their political careers. Running now is a dead end, and they all know it.

Democrats cannot cheat enough, lie enough or scam enough to win this election. And they know it.

Anonymous said...

TheBohunk is right. There were precincts that had no republican votes. Not even one mistake? No, not one. That will get worse. They know they're going to win. The country is done.