Thursday, December 10, 2015

Texas police chief, others urge citizens to arm themselves

A Texas police chief who warns President Barack Obama in a social media video that trying to disarm Americans would "cause a revolution in this country" is the latest law enforcement official to urge citizens to arm themselves in the wake of mass shootings.


Sean said...

I need no urging, but restraint. I am dying of shame, as it is.

Anonymous said...

What Sean said.

Bob Cat

Anonymous said...

No one is task to defend/protect you 24/7. If your to stupid to understand that simple fact, pass another law to prevent harm to yourself! While your at it outlaw cancer an mental illness as well. Love how the the libtards think and they deserve everything they are about to and will get. But don't worry they will draw a nice chalk out line of you as practice makes perfect. Now when they draw around your children and loved ones make sure you insist they use the appropriate color and correct gender configuration. When man made harm comes it most always comes to the stupid, weak or defenseless, why would that be? Oh wait mother nature does that.


Anonymous said...

Obama is really pushing to make America become a nation where a "gun behind every blade of grass" a reality...the only real question is, will every American behind the gun behind every blade of grass" have the spine to USE IT much less be able to use it when it is necessary...That's a whole different reality....I suspect the answer will be NO.

Americans enjoy their relative standard of living with their resultant "lesser of two evils" voting and tolerance....and look what they got for it...All the cheap Chinese junk they can buy and defacto NO RIGHTS whatsoever and POS POTUS who is taking away their PRIVILEGES (what people WRONGLY call rights, its not a RIGHT if you don't have to sacrifice ANYTHING for it. TPTB ALLOW you to think you have them but reality is, you really don't, they just staved off a violent revolution long enough to make sure they could effectively counter any attempt to get rid of them)).

How is that new PC progressivism working out for you? How is that rule by the "LESSER OF TWO EVILS" MINDSET at the voting booth working out for you as well..? Each lesser of two evils was still evil and each took a chunk of freedom away, but it "kept the guy we hate" out of office, right? And now look what you got for the creeping corruption you allowed and supported.

Look up on youtube "Grinding Down America."

It was only a Constitutional Republic with freedom IF the people remained vigilant about keeping it...instead you lost your freedom and country a long time ago through complacency and laziness, cowardice and petty self interest in a relative "standard of living"....NOW, you lose it all, and deservedly so.

That's your dose of daily REALITY, have a great day!

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

There have been numerous Sheriffs/Chiefs around the country saying this......

One Problem.

They keep telling people to get the PERMISSION SLIPS first.

I will be impressed when a Sheriff comes out and says "arm yourself, and the 2nd Amendment is all you need to refer to if my officers ask you about your firearm".

Anonymous said...

Leftist Gun Control Effort Backfiring: Majority Of Americans Now Oppose Ban On ‘Assault Weapons’

Anonymous said...

Free 1000 seat CHL class, at a high school auditorium no less.

Running for Tarrant Co sheriff also.