Thursday, December 10, 2015

Supreme Court green lights the next American civil war.

Supreme Court's message to collectivist gun grabbing tyrants.
I have noted this earlier this week but it bears repeating: the Supreme Court, in its refusal to hear the the challenge to the Illinois "Assault Weapons Ban," has given the green light to the next American civil war. The vote, 7-2 against hearing the case, wasn't even close. Thus are the skeptics of the Heller decision (including this writer) proven 100% correct in our analysis of that earlier black-robed weasel-worded constitutional mischief. How is all that triumphalism working out for you now?
Clarence Thomas' dissent is particularly on point:
If a broad ban on firearms can be upheld based on conjecture that the public might feel safer (while being no safer at all), then the Second Amendment guarantees nothing. The Court’s refusal to review a decision that flouts two of our Second Amendment precedents stands in marked contrast to the Court’s willingness to summarily reverse courts that disregard our other constitutional decisions. . . There is no basis for a different result when our Second Amendment precedents are at stake. I would grant certiorari to prevent the Seventh Circuit from relegating the Second Amendment to a second-class right.
All of the jurisdictions that passed such laws after Sandy Hook will now feel emboldened to enforce them. In doing so, someone is bound to get shot resisting. And then it will start. If you want to know who to blame, then look at the cowardly black-robed drag queens Roberts, Kennedy and Alito who voted for Heller but refused to hear Friedman.


Anonymous said...

Americans Have Bought Over 100 Million Guns During Obama's Presidency

Anonymous said...

And once the blood letting begins (started by their illegitimate use of force)....our side will hold them accountable.

rexxhead said...

Thank goodness we had Republican presidents to nominate originalist justices so that our Constitutional Republic would be preserved inviolate. (snork!)

Sean said...

When the "law" no longer protects us from them...........What has brought us to this shameful place? The gluttony of those who would swallow us whole.

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking and I think it will hit 12 midnight before Obama leaves office.
I hope I am wrong about this prediction.
God help us if this happens

Informed42 said...

Anonymous said.....'And once the blood letting begins (started by their illegitimate use of force)....our side will hold them accountable.'

I think that once the blood letting begins, it shouldn't stop until all treasonous
politicians, malcontents, parasites playing the system, hood rats, gang bangers,
abusive Feds and others have all been eliminated permanently.

Anonymous said...
Conn. to ban gun sales to 'no fly' listers
John Bacon, USA TODAY 5:11 p.m. CST December 10, 2015

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Thursday he will sign an executive order banning people on federal terrorism watch lists from buying guns in the state.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate as it may be, no republic even as great as this one is can sustain itself with a majority of wanabe tyrants pushing "safety for the masses" by gun confiscation and control of political opponents without the consequences of a bloody civil war. The question one has to answer then is do I surrender or do I fight? Either way you go you will be either giving up what liberty is left or die trying to exercise it.
I for one will defend my liberty to the death. Molon Labe.

Anonymous said...

The only way the judiciary relents is if a literal FLOOD of suits happens from one end of this country to the other. The NRA could be funding THAT venture, but it is too busy running TV ads a year away from an election. Who's side is the NRA really on anyway?

SCOTUS could be waiting for a post ginsburg court to take a case of this nature. She is a short timer folks, it will come. It will come.

B-4 said...

When you make a choice and push that agenda, the effects may be felt by more than the targeted group or you. Choose wisely before you ink your and your family's destiny. No one is untouchable, no one.


Anonymous said...

As a former Marine and retired LEO I have seen combat up close and personal and I have cautioned folks to be careful what you ask for. I had hoped cooler heads would prevail, but it appears this is coming whether we want it or not. I am not sure what percentage will resist with force, but I suspect it will be enough. Don't know about the folks in the northeast, but when they start that down here it is going to get real ugly real quick.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people are so scared of Civil War 2.0....Is the corruption we live with now WORTH it to live UNDER IT rather than free ourselves from it and oppression that follows on?
Are you kidding that PEOPLE are endorsing that the status quo getting worse is better than finding our Nationalism oriented and PROUD heritage of our once reasonably civil society is not worth GOING BACK TO? That we instead SURRENDER the last of our dignity, the last of our HOPE, the last of the self determination and go with the flow? And this coming also from FORMER Marine at that?
What ever happened to “Semper Fi”? Is that just more cheap brainwashing?
So do tell me Mr Retired Marine and retire LEO above, when did you switch sides and decry what appears a NECESSARY EVIL to stop the growing corruption and EVIL that is our Government today? When did the horrors of war become good enough for AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY and overseas when we inflict it for Banks and Corporations feeding at the trough of Lobbyists in Washington DC become OK, and NOT OK when our own population must suffer the for the sins of complacency and laziness and being co-opted and brainwashed to CONTINUE to accept the moral civil and legal abomination of what America has become....and most disturbingly, in support of MUSLIM terrorists overseas and abroad as our proxies to that Foreign Policy?
I call bullshit. When you lose the desire for the ORIGINAL INTENT of the Founding Fathers promise and LAW they adopted, you are the problem, and America doesn't NEED your capitulation because of the fear and horror you may have visited on other people in their countries for the Corporate scum in Washington DC, may well be the very prescription of SACRIFICE that must COME in order for US citizens to RELEARN the value of the cheap jingoisms of "Freedom and Liberty" in America, and is sorely NEEDED to galvanize people in our COUNTRY to return to what is RIGHT. The Founding Fathers didn’t capitulate, for their desire and dream of a FREE COUNTRY was ALL that they lived and fought for... That kind of devotion is OBVIOUSLY LACKING in 99.9 percent of the population anymore, but I would think that former military would NEVER step out of the .1 % group… Looks like I was wrong, Looks like the lives sacrificed for our country were a waste that our, looks like any shred of Patriotism from those who should KNOW BETTER, was just go along to get along, the suffering the separations from family, the personal pain the horrors witnessed, all just a fine justification for a paycheck and retirement promise.
Look up the term Quisling, I would think a self respecting American veteran would be better than become one, but I may have not read your self stated character assessment correctly. I for one will die gladly for the original INTENT of our Founding Fathers, it was NOBLE PURPOSE and DREAM they risked their lives for, themselves and their follow on generations. War is horrible, but the coming Communist led genocide and destruction of our country (as evidenced by EVRY Communist take over and resultant genocide RECORDED IN HISTORY) going UNOPPOSED and through surrender in the USA, is to say the least SHAMEFUL and embarrassing.

War is ugly, but unopposed GENCODE by TRAITORS is far uglier. Time to knuckle up and find you stomach for FREEDOM and STEEL yourself once again to weather "horror" for the right reasons. For GOD SAKES be a DAMN LEADER when your country NEED THEM.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

"Millennials Are Willing To Let Others Fight For Them
Task & Purpose Blog

Young people are placing their freedom in the hands of service members willing to fight for them.

Nearly half of millennials polled in a recent Harvard survey said they support the use of ground troops against the Islamic State after the Paris attacks, but 85% of those same people said they would not join the military, reported The Washington Post.

This is not a new trend among 18 to 29-year-olds; The Washington Post found that the expectation that millennials place on others to fight on their behalf will carry on through their generation as it has for the last several post-draft generations.

The poll, which was conducted between Oct. 30 and Nov. 9, with follow-up questions asked again after the Nov. 13 attacks on Paris, saw a 13-point rise in the number of millennials who would like to see boots on the ground fighting the Islamic State.

In short, 47% of young people believe that troop action against the Islamic State is necessary, but most feel serving is not their responsibility.




Sign ME, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

"I would like to call upon America to be more careful with its trust ... and prevent those ... because of short-sightedness and still others out of self-interest, from falsely using the struggle for peace and for social justice to lead you down a false road. Because they are trying to weaken you; they are trying to disarm your strong and magnificent country in the face of this fearful threat. ... I call upon you: ordinary working men of America ... do not let yourselves become weak."


You would all be wiser to spend a couple minutes and actually LEARN something from a SURVIVOR.

Anonymous said...

Take a very deep breath and get back on your meds buddy. I stated that I had hoped we could avoid what is being forced on us. Did not say anything about surrender, not a word I am familiar with. This Marine will pull his load and them some. Just curious, how much combat time do you have?

Semper Fi 0311