Saturday, December 12, 2015

Praxis: Enter the "precision mortar."

"U.S. Marine Corps to purchase Raytheon PERM munitions."
Raytheon Missile systems has received a contract award for $98 million for the procurement of 120mm Precision Extended Range Munitions. PERM, a Marine Corps program, is a ballistic mortar launched from the Expeditionary Fire Support System, and can be guided to hit specific targets. Raytheon's PERM solution uses Global Positioning System Guidance to enhance the weapon's accuracy, and boasts twice the range of contemporary ballistic mortars. The contract with the U.S. Marine Corps has a maximum 60-month effective period, with five 12-month ordering periods. Work on the contract will be performed in Israel, Arizona, Iowa, and other locations. Raytheon's PERM team has partnered with Israeli Military Industries to provide the weapon systems.


Otto Didact said...

The question occurs to me, what happens to all these whiz-bang GPS guided/augmented wonder weapons when somebody jams the GPS satellite frequencies? Do they default to being conventional "dumb" projectiles or do they default to paperweights and boat anchors?

Anonymous said...

IMI is a class act,