Saturday, December 5, 2015

New York Times uses front page to demand bloody civil war. Come and take them, collectivist anal sphincters. Come and take them yourselves and watch what happens.

"End the Gun Epidemic in America."
Now we know, THIS is what they call "reasonable regulation":
"Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens."
All along they've denied that confiscation was part of their program, yet now we see what the bloody collectivist demon's face is behind the smiling mask of benevolence.
The irony of demanding bloody civil war in the name of "safety" and "decency" is lost upon these would-be tyrants. Surely they know that many of us will resist unto death such forced disarmament. They know, but they do not care, how many of our bodies they will have to stack up in furtherance of their "good intentions." Well, all I can say is bring it on, anal sphincters. Bring it on and watch your entire collectivist regime get swept away in the carnage that follows. Shut up about it and DO IT. Otherwise, quit boring us with your limp-dicked impotent bleating.
NOTE: I posted this as a comment on the NYT page, but I doubt very seriously if it makes it past the ideological censor.


Informed42 said...

If ANY bans on arms and ammunition types come into being, they should be equally applied to law enforcement and not just American citizens. And if the Liberals and
politicians try and impose them, ALL of their security personnel should be disarmed and they should take the same risks on our streets as they want citizens to.

B-4 said...

Save the bandwidth an don't spread their message for them. They are going to hate no matter want. Instead post up what can be done with the tools libtards love the most, because it's time to wake them up to what is fact and what is fiction.
Liberalism is a mental issue that decaying brains can not grasp.


Steve Gregg said...

I'm not trying to pick at anybody, but I REALLY WISH people would stop separating cops into one class of citizens and everybody else into another. We are ALL citizens! For some unknown reason, people make a distinction between "law enforcement" (usually capitalized. Why?) and everybody else. The news media are notorious for referring to non-cops as civilians. If your not in the military, your a civilian! I don't care if you're a cop, a judge, a ditch digger, or the President himself!

TimeHasCome said...

Please put a permanent ban on semi auto rifles and handguns . The price will skyrocket and a wonderful black market will form to fill the void . A black market is a simply a market a regime does not want to take place. Watch the great Youtube videos of Americans openly committing felonies with firearms by modifying their weapons . Since we as Americans unwittingly commit three felonies a day why not a fourth fifth or sixth.

Anonymous said...

What constitutes "civilian" ownership NYT? Are the armed guards who protect the New York Times building civilians?. Will you ask them to give up their weapons or are they "different"?

The people pushing this country unto Civil War have the mistaken idea that they will be spectators, not participants. What NYT wants is to sit back and watch LEO murder the American "bitter clingers" they so despise.

Remember the first battle of Bull Run? All those Washingtonians who followed the Union Army with their picnic baskets expecting to watch the hated Southerners shot to pieces. Didn't work out so well. Seems they ran into a Stone Wall.

Anonymous said...

steve gregg. stop being such a hater. cops are not better but are not the same either. they are held to a higher standard, like it or not. most street cops are not bad and are not your enemy. besides it is just a label.

White Bear said...

As always, I cordially invite anyone from the New York Times to come and attempt to confiscate my guns. Of course, being cowardly liberals, they want it done but they'd expect others to risk their lives doing it while they hid under their desks.

This is just another example of why most Americans laugh at these clowns and consider them completely irrelevant.

Get it through your fragile little snowflake minds. You can throw tantrums, stomp your little feet and hold your breath until you turn blue. Americans will NEVER allow themselves to be disarmed.

Anonymous said...

My 2cents for the day...Going to shop at my Local Gun Shop, tis the Season!!
Oh wait, it's been the season for the last 7yrs.

Funny how all these Leftist Traitors....
Will NEVER be found Running POINT for the STACK....they evidently want to commit suicide.

There's the Armageddon clock, It Never Bothered me. What's left to Rule in the End.

And it seems there's a Civil War 2 Clock...
IMHO, it's down to Seconds Now, And That Worries Me

Nemesis said...

Well, your comment to the NYT was worth a try, and even if it doesn't go up you have the satisfaction of knowing that at least one person there got to read it.

Unknown said...

I left the following on the NYT site:

Well it's refreshing that after fifty years of lying and prevarication from the gun banners, you are finally admitting what we always knew were your true intentions.

You mean to make more than 100 million Americans into criminals, and don't really care if you do so constitutionally, or by a dictators fiat. You mean to seize our property and kill us when we resist.

You know full well that this will trigger a full scale civil war, but you are willing to fight it to the last policeman and soldier.

Are you willing to fight to the first US senator?
To the second TV pundit?
To the third editor of the New York Times?

Oh, did you think you were the only people making lists, and making plans?

DeWalt said...

For myself,I will die with my rifle in my hand, not a shovel!

Cameraman said...

The NY SLIMES Must be NUTS..its going to start a Very Uncivil War..NY is already a Hot Bed for The SAFE act. and its not going to take Much to Kick this Shyte off, being that the ISIS creeps are HERE and Killing People..Disarm? Bullshyte..People need to CARRY where it is Still Legal to do so, and Piss On these Liberals..They are Insane!!! Enough is Enough ..Where did I hear That?

majorityofone said...

"A black market is a simply a market a regime does not want to take place."

You mean a market without taxes or regulations. Gee, you could almost call that a free market.

Bad Cyborg said...

Here's what I posted in response to the NYT Editorial Board's screed:

Assume that you folks get your fondest dream and congress a law outlawing those evil black guns that twist your knickers into such a gosh-awful gordian knot. What then? How do you propose to enFORCE such a statute? My understanding is that even in your own state the actual compliance with your own much-less draconian statute (the so-called "Safe" Act?) is below 15%. In Connecticut where they passed an equally intolerable law, the compliance is even less! While some small percentage of gun owners might - I say again MIGHT - comply voluntarily, I guarantee that the vast majority will NOT. What then? Are you folks going to be willing to step up and assist in rounding up all the newly unlawful guns? ALONG with their newly criminalized owners? A large number of gun owners are also students of history. Many - if not most - well recall this quote from the great patriot and orator, Patrick Henry,
"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
What makes those asshats think we'll just meekly roll over and let them disarm us? I've worn handcuffs and leg irons. It isn't fun - not even a little bit. But I'd rather do that than surrender my liberty - MUCH LESS that of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! No way! NO FEKKING WAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Steve Gregg above: The reason there is always a differentiation made is, that with every onerous and unconstitutional gun law that is passed for the "little people" to obey, comes an EXEMPTION for police. And never think that cops don't love that shit.

I've watched 45 years of these nit picking, stumbling block type gun laws passed in the police state of Massholechusetts and every damned one of them had an exemption for cops....and they took full advantage of it.
All of the other northeast police states, NY,NJ,RI,CT, are the same way. Its no wonder people differentiate about it, they abhor and RESENT IT.

Unknown said...

Where do they get all these liberal authoritarian slime moulds? From our wonderful progressive colleges and universities, of course! Now, if we could just deport them all to North Korea. . . .

Anonymous said...

"ALL of their security personnel should be disarmed and they should take the same risks on our streets as they want citizens to."

I just don't get it. Why would anyone within our ranks make this statement? Clearly it is at best wishful thinking, even magical thinking. Clearly it denotes an absence of understanding, which at this point should be evident to anyone, without a magnifying glass.

Wishing for fairness and justice, truth, ethics and American principles, from the enemies of the constitution and those it once protected. The enemies of freedom and individual liberties, the enemies of free thought and self-determination, enemies of human rights and natural law, who have deliberately placed us in our current conditions and circumstances? DELIBERATELY. DE-LIB-ER-ATE-LY......

Those same enemies intend to use existing law enforcement and military assets to enforce THEIR will upon us all. In order to do this they must have these assets above the law and beyond prosecution. DO WE NOT HAVE THIS ALREADY? Do they not murder at will? Do they not have the full protection of the government and media? Is there not a non-stop gusher of propaganda from them, wherein absolutely no rational thought is allowed to be spoken or heard?

Does it therefore make sense, that they would disarm their only tools in achieving their will and desires? The only tools that are available for their own protection?

Anonymous said...

Steve Gregg - uh, in my experince, it is law enforcement that seperates society into "us and them". Any animus the police suffer is of their own making. Haven't you ever wondered why most people do not like cops? Why most people are uncomfortable around police? Is that because we are all criminals? Or is it because we know cops view all of us as crminals? I have zero empathy for police. They cannot protect me. They can certainly hurt me. They are an unnecessary component of a responsible society. The only reason they exist is because the vast majority of humanity has forgotten that their protection is their own responsibility. I don't need police. I don't call police. I will never count on them to help me with anything. They are dangerous and NEVER make any situation better, only worse.

And while I'm at it, it's well past time to stop pussy-footing around and using politically correct language. If the police or any agent of the state wishes to confiscate my firearms, I will kill them. Period. Do not tread on me.


Anonymous said...

Well when you have comments like this "guy, BlueVoter~I respect your right, too, but you don't need an automatic weapon nor a cartridge that can hold 50 bullets in order to defend your family.", one might want to
take into consideration what they say....................

Har. har!

Big Al III

Anonymous said...

A copy of one of the comments on the NYT leads me to wonder if the NRA has a mechanism in place to kick out members.....


Lee Edmundson
Mendocino California 9 hours ago
I am a long time Life Endowment Member of the NRA. I own a firearm for home protection. I am ashamed of the NRA's position and fear they have turned into nothing more than a sycophantic lackey of the small arms industry.
There is no reasonable patriotic stand to justify the ability of American citizens to purchase and own weapons of war. Try hunting duck or deer with an AK47.
The design intent of these devises is simply to kill as many human beings as possible in the shortest amount of time.
Our founding fathers allowed for civilian possession of firearms to keep a "well regulated militia" at the ready. Their intent was to protect patriots' rights to possess single shot muzzle-loading flintlocks. The NRA's arguments regarding automatic and semi-automatic modern weapons are specious and, frankly, irrational -- psychotic, if you will.
America needs to eliminate small arms weapons of war from our streets, our communities and homes. To fail to do so is a grotesque abrogation of civic and civil responsibility.
Enough is enough, the 2nd Amendment notwithstanding.

Lee Edmundson
Mendocino, California
NRA Life Member


The NRA needs to give that rat-bastard the heave-ho.... (To use Dana Loesh's latest favorite term for the MSM...)

Anonymous said...

People like the ones on the NYT editorial staff live in a fantasy-land. They really believe that the people like us are just blowing hot air. And I find that strange for a bunch of people like them, that live and breath for NY night-life and watching movies to think like that. A line from one of the "Godfather" trilogy - "If history has taught us anything, it's that anybody can be killed". They should have noticed the truth in that decades back when a nut walked on to a Long Island RR commuter train and started blasting people just like them right out of their seats. Yet in their heads they remain untouchable. Another movie I'm sure they've all seen was "Fury", where when things are getting down to the wire, some folks with very strong beliefs will start hanging even children. Whether that is right or wrong is inconsequential, the fact is that it starts to happen. If these delusional pen-pushers at the Times really think they will remain above the fray they are going to be in for a very big and shocking surprise. Things will be long past the point of fun and games, like playing tag with coup-sticks. As it stand now, all they really have to worry about are a few radicalized Jihadis trying to pull something off in their fair city. If things get to the point that they're looking for though, well, just refer back to those movies I mentioned above...

Steve Gregg said...

I was not taking up for cops. In fact, I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says, "Too stupid to do ANYTHING else? Become a cop!" Someone in the comments referred to it as being "just a label" (cops vs civilians), but there is no such thing as "just a label". Cops already see themselves as some sort of military force, and to equate cops with the military by referring to a non-cop as a civilian only re-enforces the concept and encourages them to believe that they are soldiers in a war zone. So, don't feed their egos!

Uncle Elmo said...

Reply to Anonymous, December 5, 2015 at 10:21 PM-

I did a quick search and found this-
LEE EDMUNDSON (SELF-EMPLOYED), (Zip code: 95460) $250 to FRIENDS OF BARBARA BOXER on 08/31/10

Perhaps the NRA could tell you if Lee is actually a Life Member. I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

The money quote from the piece: "No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation". YOUR rights are open to whatever "they" deem reasonable. The same people who spend your money on endless wars without end or purpose.

Anonymous said...

It's been said here before and by someone else but bears repeating. Hollywood made a critically acclaimed movie about a place where only the police and military had firearms. The name of the movie was "Schindler's List".

1911A1 said...

"I did a quick search and found this-
LEE EDMUNDSON (SELF-EMPLOYED), (Zip code: 95460) $250 to FRIENDS OF BARBARA BOXER on 08/31/10

Perhaps the NRA could tell you if Lee is actually a Life Member. I have my doubts."

Perhaps Mr. Edmundson has relocated since his generous donation. Being a former 18 year resident of the Bay Area, his zip code sounded familiar. It's Fremont, CA, just across the Bay from South San Francisco. NOT Mendecino County.

Anonymous said...

"The money quote from the piece: "No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation". YOUR rights are open to whatever "they" deem reasonable."

AND hence you DON'T have rights, you have PRIVILEGES easily revoked by your "leadership"...the Patriotic buulshit Propaganda we were raised with is justthat BULLSHIT. Welcome to the Matrix and lies you live to get through your day.

Stop living the HUGE lie that you think you have FREEDOM in America...You don't.

Sign ME, Neal Jensen