Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Making the fire rise." "Sovereign citizen" is certainly a provocateur, but in whose cause?

"Minn. man accused in Black Lives Matter shootings reportedly subscribed to ‘sovereign citizen’ subculture."
He allegedly filmed himself and another man (identified as J.T. in the complaint) headed to an earlier Black Lives Matter protest dressed in camouflage clothing and pledging to “make the fire rise” — an apparent reference to an anarchic character in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”
Dennis Mahon of White Aryan Resistance gave me a tutorial over the phone back in the 90s on how they planned to start a race war in this country that they expected to result in the neoNazis being "the last men standing" afterward. It remains a legitimate question: just whose cause is this moke serving?


Anonymous said...
Here's some footage from the protest, skipped ahead to an interview with some protesters who were at the scene of the shooting. There's certainly some language, so if you've got small children or big babies around, you might want to put on some headphones.

These sovereign citizens, "racists," whatever you wanna call them, they were just some kids off the internet going to gather some pictures, take some video of themselves spouting off memes, and post it online for laughs and to inform their buddies what was going on in Minnesota - bonus if they wound up on a BLM sanctioned stream or a newscast making an in-joke that would be interpreted as support by the out group. Note too that they mention they're going to "see what's going on" and "do recon."

If you watch the video linked above until about 27:40, it's interesting. The first group of protesters interviewed on the Unicorn Riot stream consistently mention mobbing this group of idiots because they, like many people there, had masks. By their own admission, the protesters were chasing them away from cameras, boxing them in, and physically assaulting them.

You'll never see the MSM mention any of this, of course. God forbid the narrative is challenged.

Chiu ChunLing said...


Sovereign Citizens are basically just obsessed with the idea that the rule of law must still exist in some form, and so if you lawyer up enough, you can have the same privileges as the elites and beat "the system" at its own game. It simply fails to realize that, for Marxists, "political power flows from the barrel of a gun", and it really isn't any more complicated than that. Marxists are criminals and, then they rule, tyrants, precisely because they are not bound by any laws other than what their present whim invents for a temporary justification (this is why they say chant "Black Lives Matter" then denounce anyone who says ALL lives matter, or infant lives matter, or whatever else is entirely logically required by what they have just said but doesn't suit their whim).

Anonymous said...

The BoweL Movement got what it preaches...
As the hippies say...Karma is a BITCH!!
NO Tears here