Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kenny Lane's day in court over the lawfare attacks of the Kerodinistas.

Kenny writes a bare bones description of "My day in court." At issue is Velma Mae Suckoo's ("Holly Kerodin's" more-or-less real name) attempt to have Kenny's firearms rights stripped from him and his website shut down as defamatory.
Now, let me note for the record that I have not communicated with Kenny and he has not approved what I am going to write next. However, I missed the opportunity to pass on to you, gentle readers, the electronic link (since taken down) to support Kenny's legal expenses. The only thing left now is to publicize the fact that Kenny maintains a PO Box and so any readers, should they be so inclined, can send him legal expense reimbursement there. I would note that if you send it anonymously he cannot return it. His address is Kenny Lane, PO Box 1996, Ceres, CA 95307. Any readers who want to rebuke the Kerodinistas by donating should send it there. Take that, Velma Mae.


Anonymous said...

On their blogs there are a lot of words but the Kerodin's have proven by their actions just how much of low life's they both are.

They surely will rot in hell together, I bet they will try to con the devil himself, even then, don't ya know?

wirecutter said...

Thanks, Mike.
This round of legal fees are taken care. This round.....
It's sad when somebody that supposedly professes Liberty takes legal action to to take another man's civil Rights.

drjim said...

Thanks for posting this, Mike.

Kenny's a Good Guy, and deserving of support.

Anonymous said...

Good God, that guy can't go far without stepping on his dick now-a-days. It is not like there is an old folks home for failed snake oil salesmen, so you have to wonder what the end game is for Kerodin.

Anonymous said...

Principle. Some people operate on it.
Good on ya, Mike. (and Wirecutter)

Anonymous said...

Can you countersue for libel, slander, defamation of character, and court costs? That would definitely put a crimp in their colons.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. Maybe a few will still contribute.