Friday, December 4, 2015

I have another name for it: ABJECT FAILURE.

"Obama's efforts on gun control have little to show: Despite forceful rhetoric after mass shootings, he's made little progress toward new curbs on gun sales."
"On the morning after the San Bernardino attack, Obama turned the focus to the states instead, where more gun control measures have been passing."
Okay, let's recap. After almost 7 years in power, Obama has by his own efforts sold more firearms and ammunition than any three previous presidents combined, maybe more. The so-called "progress" with state restrictions after Sandy Hook have done nothing but provoke an armed civil disobedience movement that has the anti-firearm politicians in those states too frightened to enforce the laws they passed lest they suffer personal consequences and start a civil war. Passage of anti-firearm laws, they are learning, doesn't mean dick if the laws are nullified by armed civil disobedience. The millions that Mike Bloomberg have spent -- and continue to spend -- have bought the prohibitionists exactly nothing. Indeed, by any metric -- poll numbers, background checks, concealed carry permits, ammunition shortages due to demand, loss of control of the House and Senate -- Obama's clumsy crusade has been an abject failure. Throw in the failed Fast and Furious conspiracy (see "The Obama administration, not the NRA, sells guns to terrorists") which dealt a tremendous blow to the regime's credibility and you have a classic epic fail. Every time Obama opens his mouth on the subject, he sells more firearms and ammunition for us. One wonders if the man can possibly be that stupid as to not recognize this, or does he really WANT the country -- and his self-chosen political enemies -- to be armed to to the teeth?
Meanwhile, the GOP candidates are showing remarkable sense and not letting themselves be stampeded by collectivist name-calling as many of their squishy predecessors have -- "GOP candidates double down on guns after San Bernardino: A day after the shooting massacre in California, Republican presidential contenders were utterly unapologetic about their opposition to new gun-control laws."
SEE ALSO: "Ted Cruz Reacts to San Bernardino: Now, More Than Ever, Americans Must Be Armed."

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Anonymous said...

He's done/doing exactly what the elite shadow gov't establishment had him slated for when they shoved him down our throats. He's Balkanized what was once a somewhat united country. He's destroyed an already dying economy, feminized the military, and ran up an untenable debt. He's a man of below average intelligence who thinks he's outwitted everyone else; as stupid people often do. But he's smart enough to know power comes from the barrel of a gun and wants only his traitorous minions to have them. He's also smart enough to realize that a majority of Americans are no more than brainwashed sheep who will not and cannot stand up to likes of bullies like him. But he never counted on a minority that still has the courage and resolve to stand up to bullies. People that are still humans, not consumers. Not lazy, entitled cry-babies who run at the first sound of a gun shot.The kind of people who created America in the first place; not the Darwinist elite the History Channel tries to portray as the men who built America. I'm sure they are already surprised by this, but if they continue to push, then the big surprise is yet to come...