Friday, December 4, 2015

"Hitler Hated the Nazi Assault Rifle."

"The 'Sturmgewehr 44' radically changed firearm design philosophy, but almost didn't make it."


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have a megalomaniac in charge of things (like Obozo). A weapon with the rifle capability of their bolt actions of the time coupled with auto-fire and 30 rounds per mag. How could you go wrong? Military brass were supposedly afraid to tell Hitler that a wire guided bomb dropped from a plane sunk an Italian battleship because he might fall in love with the idea. The fear of what Hitler thought kept them from using a weapon far ahead of it's time. Personally, I find the Sturmgewehr to be superior even to the BAR, as the BAR was heavier, didn't have selective fire ( although you could slow the automatic rate down), and only held 20 in a mag...And I thought that Brad Pitt using one in "Fury" was a clever thought by whoever wrote the story

Anonymous said...

This comment was found at the end of the article:

December 4, 2015 #1

No the Stug. 44 wasn’t that good. It jammed a lot. had a short effective range, and god awful recoil. US troops were NOT “under equipped” at any point in WW2 Nor were they EVER outgunned by any German small arms. The M1’s were the best weapons on earth in 1944 and “superior” to most “Assault Rifles” built today. This whole article is just end to end misrepresentation of personal bias toward german equipment superiority of “anything Nazi” as fact. The German army and equipment was NEVER as good as it is portrayed in the movies. German weapons were never half as good as the hype they generate . The German army in 1944 , was little changed from the German army of 1934 , or 1918 for that matter and by late 1944 was mostly old men and middle school boys , poorly armed by allied standards. The Germans stripped the Russian front of arms to launch the BOB and had lost the battle within three weeks. They took three months to lose Kursk(the same size fight) the year before. The Krauts in WW2 are hugely overrated so is their equipment.

Anonymous said...

One wonders where they find these trophy wives. You know, the cute ones with the brains of a flower pot.

One also wonders if this woman knows the one who gave the Apple I to a thrift shop.

At any rate, old stuff like this can turn up at the strangest of places.