Monday, December 14, 2015

Four from Herschel Smith.

Watch this video: "Mark Steyn On How Our Enemies Take The Civilized World Inch By Inch."
And the contrast it with this performance: Josh Earnest On Guns And The No-Fly List
Psychopathic Police Chief Kills Caged Dog For Sport
Winchester XPR Rifle Recall

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Chiu ChunLing said...

That dog was pretty cute too...before it got shot, anyway.

I'm not going to inveigh against ever shooting animals. That would be silly. But I have to admit that this case really makes it hard to understand why exactly he shot the dog other than to see what it was like to shoot someone's really cute, harmless pet. I don't know that he did it for 'kicks', maybe it was a more introspective psychological experiment or something, but it's still not a great reason to commit a vicious crime.

And the crime was vicious, and I guess it also needs to be said it was a crime as well. Then again, it already has been said, I just feel like repeating that.