Friday, December 4, 2015

Empowering the enemy and bitching about it later. Gottlieb and cronies condemn that which they did so much by their failures to bring to fruition.

"One year, several fails: CCRKBA rips I-594 on 1st anniversary."


Galaxie_Man said...

Quoted from the article: "That can pretty much be said about all the gun control schemes pushed over the past few years by the current administration, Second Amendment advocates believe. It’s all window dressing, and as Gottlieb noted, it “penalizes law-abiding citizens while the criminals laugh and ignore it.”"

WRONG! The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance means almost EVERYONE laughs and ignores it, not just the criminals. And that's the rub....totally nullified laws with gubmint officials to scared shitless to enforce them.


Their move. Still.

Steve Miller said...

Well said my friend. Decrying the results of their own efforts. I still not-so-warmly recall during those pre-election days here in WA circa November 2014 where I was told, in response to my anti-594 AND 591 (18 page background check initiative vs. 1 page background check initiative)that all sorts of calumny would happen since I opposed convicted felon Gottlieb's efforts and those of his servants. I count myself proudly NOT to be a member of that latter group.

Anonymous said...

Judenräte Gottlieb with his I-591 campaign guaranteed the passage of I-594 by splitting the resources of those opposed to more gun control. Making everything more confusing is just what Bloomberg ordered, don't ya know!

PO'd American said...

Thank you Captain Obvious.

Anonymous said...

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