Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And so it begins. Governor Cuomo feels froggy, SAFE Act enforcement thugs rounding up "assault weapons." Someone is going to get shot and the civil war will commence.

Two months ago, the State of New York began to enforce, in little baby steps, the SAFE Act.
Today, we have this announcement posted on AR15dotCoam:
"The New York State Police have launched an investigation into alleged SAFE Act violations and appear to have possession or copies of 4473s showing who purchased firearms. Consider speaking with a lawyer if contacted."
Just exactly where and how the NYSP got hold of 4473s is an interesting question. They either got them from ATF industry operations inspectors or directly from cooperating quisling gun sellers. In any case, it is obvious that the Supreme Court refusal to hear the Chicago case is viewed as a green light to tyrannical gun raids. Isn't this where His Majesty's General Gage started? And how did THAT turn out? We are about to find out if this generation of Americans possesses the same Three Percent that the Founding generation did.
Get ready folks. Make your final pre-war preparations with the slender hours you have left. A storm is coming, and it is about to break over all our heads.


MikeH. said...

In the words of that great American from Pinson, AL., "I WILL NOT COMPLY".

A Geriatric Threeper Who Will Give NO GUNS and NO QUARTER

Galaxie_Man said...

I had a feeling one of these court decisions or in-actions would give tyrants a green light to try and act.

Contact your attorney to make sure your affairs are in order, just like the military does annually or before a deployment.

The tyrants are coming. Malloy and Lawlor....are you ready for US???

para bellum

Sedition said...

And so it begins.
Been waiting a long time to see if this day would come.
The Reckoning has begun.

Longbow said...

Hey! I just had a thought. Maybe now is the time for all those "really good guy" Law Imposement officers to show themselves. Maybe now the "vast majority" who would "never do such a thing" will stand up and say,

"No, Boss! I ain't doin' it!".

Maybe now, just now, individually and through their professional organizations, those "good guys" who are in the "vast majhority" will make themselves known. Maybe now they will make it clear that they will honor their oath and defend the natural rights of the people who employ them.

Hell, in Ney York City alone there are thirty-four thousand policemen. If just fifty one percent, which is a simple majority, are those "really good guys", there should be more than seventeen-thousand policemen saying... nay, shouting from the roof tops,

"All free men have the right to arms! That right is natural and inherent. The NY SAFE Act is a masive infringement on that right! It is an abomination! We will not enforce it! We will not betray the people! We will honor our oath!".

Just think of how many others there are all over New York State. Their benevolence is going to erupt any minute now!

What's that? Don't hold my breath? What do you mean...?

White Bear said...

I'd be doing far more than consulting with a lawyer if I lived in that dictatorial state.

Gun grabbers love to wring their hands about the victims of gun violence. Trying to enforce this law against Patriots will result in more victims on both sides than they ever could have imagined.

Sounds like they're ready to get the war started. So be it.

I spent over 30 years as a cop before retiring and moving to a free state. I almost always feel pain when a fellow officer is injured or killed. That said, any cop who suffers that fate while violating the rights of law abiding people will get no sympathy from me. In my opinion, a cop like that isn't worthy of the badge.

In my state, the police and Sheriffs have vowed not to enforce any laws like this, and to actively stand with their citizens to oppose the federal incursion into states' rights. God bless 'em.

G3Ken said...

I am a NY resident and have been an owner of numerous firearms that would be subject to the SAFE Act, but own none of them now. I have bought, sold and traded so many guns and receivers (which are considered guns) over the past half century. I couldn't give the location/owners of them if I wanted to.

One thing is certain, I have no firearms in my residence, so any correspondence will be disregarded.

Anonymous said...

Although i'm not an authority on what's going on up here behind the scenes, I've heard nothing through the upstate grapevine on any of this..yet...I'll be one of the first to yell out on SSI if things start getting hairy

Anonymous said...

Let's see if there is anything to this 4GW.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is a true American, why should they obey such un-American laws that these Socialists are enacting,most of them by edict? The more these unconstitutional edicts are enforced by true Americans, the more America is weakened. America has suffered greatly already at the hands of these traitors. We must stop enabling their tyranny. Tell them: "Sorry, It is unconstitutional; and, I took an Oath, the same as you, to uphold the Constitution". We must stop the National suicide. Think of 'tomorrow' not only 'today'.

Anonymous said...

Over 100 million guns have been sold in the United States since Barack Obama was elected president.


Anonymous said...

When tyranny becomes law
Rebellion becomes duty

Cameraman said...

Let me be the First to say "We Told ya So" Maybe New Yorker"s have the stones to fight this, Asswipe Tyrant , now we'll know...I stand by all of you, because if they win we all Lose,I like the Fact that we are One Tank of Gas Away, How is the Weather This Time of Year? Road Trip?

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

It appears this situation dates back to several months ago, when a local upstate NY dealer became the subject of an "investigation" by the NYSP. The 4473s were reportedly collected from the dealer as part of the investigation, and were then compared to the "registration" database. It certainly does smell like back door confiscation to me, but apparently only involves people who purchased "AWs" from this particular dealer after January 2013, which reportedly involves around 200 people.

TimeHasCome said...

Great article Mike . I must admit I will steal that great phrase " slender hours you have left" . Because we are nearly there , I just listened to the shrill statements from both parties . The White House spokesman Josh Earnest is beyond crazy with anger . The Prezzy lives in a delusional world . We are on our own folks and the time is nearly here.

FedUp said...


Seems like they want 200 customers of a certain dealer to hand them in for evidence. Such a deal, eh?

john said...

Shoot first and then just keep shooting them all. Molon Labe

Anonymous said...

Everyone pick a 4GW target. The rest of the country will come running.

Anonymous said...

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.... The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun."
- Patrick Henry

KUETSA said...

Cops will NOT give up their job and their pension disobeying an order to confiscate. If nobody starts shooting, they will confiscate everything, constitution be damned. All you'll hear is a sanctimonious, self righteous, "IT'S THE LAW"! If confiscators, and, as will be right and necessary, politician lawmakers, start getting shot, everyone's attitude will probably change quicker than you would think! At the end of the day, at the police level, there is no thought to constitutionality in enforcing the law - but everyone DOES want to go home at the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

That's an idea. We need our brothers and sisters in NY to start posting data on decision makers. Addresses. Vehicle types. And stuff.

Anonymous said...

Maybe New Yorker's have stones?? LMFAO. If they did, these laws would never have been passed. New Yorkers like to talk tough but at the end of the day, they will drop their pants and bend over again just like they did the first time.

Anonymous said...

Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you.

Millwright said...

The "big ticket" in this alleged announcement is the question of the NYSP using 4473s ( or the information contained therein ) . How did they obtain them/it ? Its possible the NYSP got warrants to search all the records of FFLs in NYS, but we should have heard about that long since. Its also possible some compliant dealers willingly surrendered the information. But none of this covers all bases. Is this a "false flag" operation with the NYSP/NYSAG trolling the various gun forums to see which NYS residents are speaking out ?

Plenty of time to lock and load . Not so much to conceal and/or develop a cover tale.

Crotalus said...

If New Yorkers decide to resist, they should NOT make it defensive. Bring the war to the enemies' door.

Anonymous said...

"they want 200 customers of a CERTAIN DEALER to hand them in for evidence"
Smear Divide Conquer...classic

Anonymous said...

C4ISR...Prepare(D)... Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Has it been so long since over 2,000 armed folks showed up at Bundy Ranch, that the far left thinks this will fly without a fight?

I am not looking forward hell on earth that will ensue if this goes down and triggers a fight.
I am also not looking forward hell on earth that will ensue if this goes down without a fight.

Time for my favorite Winston Churchill Quote
Winston S. Churchill
“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

I miss America.

Anonymous said...

Bets comment I have read here on this topic;"KUETSA said...
Cops will NOT give up their job and their pension disobeying an order to confiscate. If nobody starts shooting, they will confiscate everything, constitution be damned. All you'll hear is a sanctimonious, self righteous, "IT'S THE LAW"! If confiscators, and, as will be right and necessary, politician lawmakers, start getting shot, everyone's attitude will probably change quicker than you would think! "

Too late to grow a Spine America, you could have fought this without bloodshed if you had been vigilant and not complacent, but now you have no choice... The price of being lazy and dismissive of duty, is the bleeding injuries of injustice inflicted on you later... When it could have/should have been important, your "quality of life notwithstanding the direct your "leaders" went without you holding their leash, was straight into dictatorship. When you should have been aggressively "weeding the garden" of problems, your Liberties and Freedom were overrun and died on the vine. You cannot ressurect the dead, you must plow under the weeds and start anew...If you don't have the determination to do that hard work and make that hard choice, you deserve the wasteland you created.

Good luck, but too little to late.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Waiting In Idaho said...

Isn't there anyone in Albany who could make a 600 yard shot? With the right target, it would send a strong message.

dave said...

I recently told a friend that if 'the revolution' started in California, I probably would not drive across the country to join in the fight. New York however, is a place I can get to in one day, not three. My 100+ year old rifle will get me a nice new battle gun from one of Cuomo's goons.

G3Ken said...

@Neal Jensen....sadly, you are correct.

It's long been my opinion that there is much bluster, but very little backing it up. Personally, I think a lot of people have been waiting for "the other guy" to act and take the first step. I pray it isn't too late and maybe the actions of a select few will spur some of the many fence sitters on.

You know who you are. Sitting around with your guns, your ammo and your thoughts, but little else. There's lots of talk, but little action. If "this" happens, or "that" happens, THEN you'll act. The problem is that this and that have been happening and you missed it. If 1% of the bulls**t banter on the net were legit, we would've won already, but you all know it's not. Talk is cheap.

Everyone is waiting for something big enough to happen that you'll have no choice but to act. Newsflash: that's not how it works and they know it. They will nickel and dime us to death, until all we have left is a box of #2 pencils. That's the way incrementalism works, and damn, is it working.

I know there are a huge number of folks out there with their hearts in the right place, but there's the mortgage, the car payment, college coming up for the kids maybe, and hell, just keeping your job is hard these days. That's what they are counting on and they're winning.

Some of you will look in the mirror and admit that you've let yourselves and your kids down. It's painful to admit, but it's right in front of you. I'm not too proud to admit that, at the end of the day, I've been found wanting. How about you?

Anonymous said...

"No reply to the demand to surrender seemed necessary."

Major Charles White Whittlesey.

Commander of "The Lost Battalion" in World War 1.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, that is truly a beautiful photograph of an impending storm. Everyone should click on the photo and see it full size.

God is truly the greatest artist in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Probably got the forms from the gun shop owners. Where I live there is a combo gun shop/indoor shooting range where the owners voluntarily give the local police department weekly copies of what was purchased and who came in to shoot and which firearm/s they used. The only reason that I know this is that I went shooting with a guy I work with one day. 5or 6 years ago his now ex wife took out a restraining order against him. He forgot about it. They divorced soon after and she moved out of state. The restraining order was never lifted so the cop that was reviewing the paperwork from the shooting range flagged it and they came to his house, arrested him and confiscated his firearms.

Unknown said...

If my family members are considered targets,
There will be no limits to my revenge.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid for New York AR owners. I hope they are paying attention to this and have plans to make a police report that their AR was stolen from the front porch when they momentarily went inside to pee. Then deposit it with an out of state relative. Only wish the state would target someone who outnumbers them 5 to 1, then be able to watch the tyranny traders get cut down.

Anonymous said...

Remember, after the first one ALL THE REST ARE FREE.

Anonymous said...

@ G3Ken

I wish I could go back and edit what I said to make it clear.."The price of being lazy and dismissive of CIVIC and CIVIL duty, is the bleeding injuries of injustice inflicted on you later... When it could have/should have been important, your "quality of life" notwithstanding the directION your "leaders" went, without you holding their leash UP SHORT, was straight into dictatorship."

I hope that clarifies my points.

My hope is that there will be good enough leaders who can emerge without being SWATTED by TPTB, but those leaders must be fully committed (like the Founder Fathers" were...anything less will be complete defeat not only for the US Constitution but also in the final burial of Freedom itself.. We must withstand our traitorous FED GOV and its minions, but also the invading Muzzies who desire to destroy and kill rather than just occupy and oppress, and with their Caliphate leader in the WhiteWhoreHouse and the apologist progressives countrywide, they stand a very easy chance of winning.

Soffitrat said...

Center mass. Aim straight.