Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh, puh-leeze, Brer Fox, don' trow me in dat dar briar patch. New York Times demands citizen disarmament as an issue in the 2016 presidential election.

"Voters need to be reminded of the stark difference between the candidates, which is why Mrs. Clinton should drive this issue into the general election, should she win her party’s nomination."


Anonymous said...

As time goes on the only Disney movie practically disowned by Disney will be familiar to fewer and fewer people in our PC culture. I'd be willing to bet a good half of your readers have never watched "Song of the South" and have only second hand knowledge of Brer Fox, Brer Bear, or Brer Rabbit if that.

As for the NYT demand that Democrat politicians embrace calls for gun control, they never did understand what happened in 1994. To many of them Newt Gingrich is some old guy who was famous for something or other back when they were in elementary school.

Sean said...

Notice if you will, that Hilldog wants guns confiscated from people ACCUSED of domestic violence, not convicted. An nothing spoken about restoring anyones rights lost thereby, or anyone else, in any situation. If she were really interested in justice, she'd go to Benghazi, and walk down the street naked. If the results didn't kill the locals.

rexxhead said...

Presumably, Bill will be there to give Hillary a much-needed history lesson -- which she will ignore, please God.

This is, I think, the only way the GOP will retake the WH in 2016 -- the Democrats will present it to them with their party's best wishes. More likely, Bernie Sanders will be pitted against another unelectable Bush-clone and will mop the floor with him. The probability of Trump, Fiorina, or Carson being the nominee I estimate at or near zero.

Anonymous said...


Get a load of this letter to the editor from a college professor openly advocating for civil war:

I'm astonished at the childishness of what apparently passes for an "argument" from a professor of womyn and gender studies!

P.S. God bless your beautiful daughter's marriage, and God for making sure your progeny bear your character and not your looks!

Bill St. Clair said...

I sent a letter to the editor of the New York Times. I very much doubt they'll print it, but hey, I had fun writing it. "... Back away from my Second Amendment, Hillary."

Miles said...

Isn't the quote: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake..." ?