Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kurt Schlichter hits another one dead on (no pun intended): "Here’s What’s Behind Our Obsession With Zombies."

Schlichter is right: Zombies are the perfect metaphor for collectivists.
"In a time when Americans are figuratively at each other’s throats, our monsters are our fellow citizens."
Regardless of their various forms—running or stumbling, virally-induced or cause unknown—the zombie is an intensely personal, intimate nemesis. It is your friend, your spouse, even your kid, and it’s not going to kill you by radiation from a dozen miles away or via a huge claw that can’t even feel you squish as it stomps on you. A zombie is going to eat you alive, and linger while doing it. And it will all happen not in some ruined wasteland but in your own neighborhood, looking the same as it has always has except that some of its inhabitants are running from other inhabitants who want to have them for dinner. . .
The zombie genre is essentially conservative. Survival is always based upon the actions of individuals and small groups, and the government is either useless or an active threat (Max Brooks’ fascinating book “World War Z” is something of an exception, while the movie adheres to tradition). The survivors are not unlike the pioneers, trying to carve a life out of a wilderness while dodging Indians who take scalps not as trophies but as snacks. City slickers need not apply.
As conservatives do, the zombie genre likewise recognizes the necessity, even the obligation, to keep and bear arms. The people who refuse to use guns die; those who hesitate to pull the trigger allow their friends to die. Those who fight prevail. Interestingly, we have a generation of kids who attend schools where they are taught the lie that violence never solves anything and where they will be suspended for fighting back when a bully punches them. Yet on Sunday night they cheer a show that celebrates heroes who ruthlessly make gory headshot after gory headshot. Sure, the heroes wring their hands like liberals, but the ones who survive are the one who choose firepower over feelings.
It may not be a zombie apocalypse, but much of America expects some kind of apocalypse. In a beautiful city a mile or so from the Pacific one recent sunny Saturday morning, a line developed outside a gun store well before it opened. In the Age of the Zombie, the end of the world will take place not far away but at close range, and many Americans seem to have resolved to go down fighting.


Anonymous said...

We are going to fight alright, but we aren't going down.
Collectivist pukes can set in their soiled depends until they meet their maker.
We are no longer bowing, we are standing. We are no longer backing up, we are marching forward.
While fictional zombies want your brains, the real ones want your rights.
It is time all Americans choose which side they want to be on.

The final battle approaches.

Anonymous said...

Zombie = politically correct term for the FSA and sheep who are totally unprepared and will suck the life out of all of your resources, money, food, etc via their feel good BS, demands for your guilt, calls to emotion, laziness, "social justice", and "its for the children" excuses.

Anonymous said...

The late John Reilly was fond of saying that America's recurrent pop-cultural obsession with zombies and vampires means something.

Zombies are decay and mindless destruction in human form. Vampires are eternally beautiful, indestructible, cunning survivors who are only inconvenienced if the Huns burn Rome.

Zombies and vampires, said he, are the sort of thing that strikes a chord with people who are absolutely terrified of the future. Recall the last time the American people were obsessed with the undead: the Carter "national malaise" years of the late 1970s. You may recall a horrible economy, America being punished and humiliated and laughed at the world around, the enemies of our civilization on the march everywhere both domestically and internationally. Activist courts eviscerating the criminal justice system's ability to maintain even a bare minimum of domestic peace and order, not that it ever had much going for it but good intentions, appearances, and the inherent sober orderly productiveness of the seed of Western Europe, then as now being rapidly outbred by ultraviolent IQ-55 Third World savages. Activist courts spitting on our nation's heritage and Constitution. Smug Marxist fatheads on the idiot box spoiling for another civil war. I could go on.

Mr. Reilly was religious, and his conclusion was that all this is fascinating but ultimately irrelevant, and that everything will be okay in the end--the great white father in Heaven is going to come back at the last minute and save us from our folly and fix everything, so don't you fret.

I think that the first half of Mr. Reilly's observation merits further examination, the second--well, I was never one for trusting in miracles.

Sean said...

Yup,I've seen the relationship between zombies and leftists from the beginning. But being leftists/zombies, they don't. Evidently, when a zombie sees someone approaching with a rifle aimed at their head, it never occurs to them to avoid the coming head shot. Leftists are the same way, they just want to feed on the living. And the other thing is, a zombie/leftist never makes any sense when trying to talk. Plus that ugly thing. The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead aren't movie shows. They're training films.

TheBohunk said...

Anonymous 11:02

Yes Mr. Reilly was correct. Everything is going to be alright. It's the unholy crapstorm that comes right beforehand that I'm worried about.

Anonymous said...

In Romero's original "Night of the Living Dead", I remember reading that the "living dead" was actually social commentary about the American consumer. They eat everything and leave nothing. This article of the current zombie zeitgeist is spot the hell on.

A Texan said...

"The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead aren't movie shows. They're training films."

Starting with the "Don't do this..." lesson. There are many of those.

I was gratified in the last (or was it the 2nd to last?) FTWD episode where the main female character started grabbing medical supplies at the army medical facility. I said to my wife, "It's about time someone started acting logically - no one is going to making any more of that stuff."