Saturday, October 10, 2015

This makes about as much sense as someone reacting to a rape committed by a stranger in another town by cutting off his own penis. No, strike that. It makes even LESS sense than that.

Man destroys his firearms after Oregon mass shooting; “ashamed” it took him so long.


DC Wright said...

I sent this to him in a message on FB?

Hi, Steve. I read about your reaction to the Oregon shooting and had to ask you a question. Now understand, your firearms are yours to do with as you will, obviously short of harming another, but I am troubled more than a little. Your response to an action, horrible as it was, seems more akin to reading about a rape in another state and cutting off your own pens in response.

Why on God's green earth would you destroy yours and your family's best means of self protection because some individual in a whole 'nother state commits an atrocity against Christians?

I would love to hear from you, any time at all!

D. C. Wright
USMC Retired
Vietnam veteran

Anonymous said...

Looks like insanity is alive and well in him and his family

Anonymous said...

His action really makes a guy wonder why he purchased firearms in the first place. His guilt ridden response makes one wonder if his original purchase(s) had nothing to do with defense of his family/friends? For some reason he apparently believes he could easily get out of control and harm innocents without cause? He apparently no longer trusts himself and conflates his ownership with lunatic murderers?

Maybe it's best this guilt ridden individual did destroy his firearms as he appears to be bereft of adequate judgement in the first place.

OTH, this self effacing act doesn't pass the smell test. I strongly suspect an opportunistic rat that could legally buy a gun and took the occasion to symbolically destroy a firearm or two. He'll only be able to do this once anyway, right? He's just looking to get some air time to make a seriously looney point. Likely in collusion with some encouraging libs. Wouldn't surprise me if he had never shot one or more of 'his' firearms. The whole thing sounds like something an illogical liberal mind would do...Ain't buyin' his 'noble sacrifice'.

Bob Cat

Anonymous said...

I think what a lot of people are missing here is that this pathetic closeted liberal latent homosexual snowflake didn't say that he got rid of ALL of his guns, only this relatively inexpensive Ruger. It would seem, that he still has a "12 gauge dove gun" lurking somewhere in his household. Maybe even he isn't stupid enough to get rid of all of his fire arms? This seems more like a stunt perpetrated by a person who was starving for glory and fame and was looking for some kind of adulation and attention, albeit from the wrong places. It looks like he's been very busy deleting comments and blocking people from his FB page. This guy should be dismissed wholesale. He's an idiot and a liar and/or a mental case and a danger to himself, his family and society.

Anonymous said...

Ok here is a thought- Ron Paul once said that a alternate solution to slavery was for rich people to buy em all and set em free.
So how about suckerberg and gaytes and buttfuck all get together with their quadrillions and BUY each and every manufacturer, and then each firearm from every person and destroy them all?

Ahhhh I know why they don't. And it's not their greed for zeros. They know that even together they don't have enough money to buy it all and that even if they did some wouldn't sell that gun for ten million bucks. They also know that the thing called demand would just see new manufacturers start up. Oh and they also know they gotta keep their own guys with guns protecting them.

This guy here just played the look at me look at me look at me card - and he will be shocked that someone has - when he realizes the man robbing him and raping his wife read about his destruction antics...and is happy to show him why it was such a stupid thing to advertise.

Galaxie_Man said...

Anyone else wanting to do such nonsense with their "bothersome" firearms can contact me via The Dutchman. I guarantee your firearms will not bother you anymore, and you can have some greenbacks in your pocket to buy more tampons with.

Only an insane liberal fruitcake would read this story and think "what a good man he is."

I read it and thought, "this is a guy that deserves an Atomic Wedgie, followed by a Whirly in the closest pooper." I'd probably also punch him in the balls for good measure.

NEVER COMPLY.....Defy-Deceive-Evade-Resist-Smuggle

Sean said...

He's not only a weenie ( any man that allows himself to be photographed barefoot is also a douche bag) for this gun destroying crap, he's full of shit. Only an idiot believes he is doing something about a problem by doing something that won't solve the problem. Being from Merced, Calif. just about automatically qualifies him as a leftard, neo-maxi-zoomed dweebie. Maybe he should just destroy himself, since he's raping the planet by living on it, and using up resources.

Anonymous said...

What a cretin!

Madame Ringading said...

Did you get beat up and stuffed in your locker a lot, son?

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Like man, is this dude for real???? Never mind snopes, or scopes or dopes, does this fruitcake pass the smell test?? 'From Merced, well it's not 'that' far from SF so go figure. Then again, the whole trip kinda' comes off like a scenario that would happen in the Viet Nam Bush where a Gook comes running out of the bush, waving an American flag while yelling "John Wayne, John Wayne!!!!!" .........Shoot the puke before he unloads the ambush on us!!
Got Gunz.......OUTLAW!!!!!,

PS 'wonder if Kenny has heard about this dude yet??

Anonymous said...

Unreal isn't it ? ..... I heard a well known journalist say last week that they could put her brain in a jar , set it in the White House, and the dumb bastards would still vote for it . " We're going to take things away from you " . It can't be made much plainer than that , but , then , .... the breast feeders who would vote enmass for this shrieking Commie Hag know she's not talking to them .

udaman said...

That is exactly what they are programming us to do. Carry out their wishes blindly, automatically, without having to be told to do so. Mind numbed robots.