Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Kiss of the Spider RINO.

For those of us well familiar with the career of the RINO Caspar Milquetoast squish who is our governor, this news was met with derisive if bitter amusement: 'John Kasich is the man'
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley reiterated his endorsement of fellow Gov. John Kasich of Ohio for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during an appearance Tuesday on MSNBC. "I think John Kasich is the man and I think he's the man to win," Bentley told MSNBC's Luke Russert.
Now Bentley, who was first elected as a Trojan horse candidate sponsored by teacher's union money, is known for ignoring or breaking every campaign promise he ever made to voters, including his current push to raise taxes by a huge amount. In short, he is no conservative. He may well make much of his public man-love slobberings on MSNBC, but around here his endorsement is viewed as the Kiss of the Spider RINO. The fact that Kasich is making so much of it reflects his ignorance of the reality of Alabama politics or a desperation at his struggling campaign poll numbers, probably both.
A SHORT TIME LATER: I have been asked what benefit Bentley might get out of this move and the answer is easy. For a non-entity such as Caspar, who has broken every campaign promise he ever made, he knows he'll never move up to a Senate seat here in Alabama. Indeed, after his latest shenanigans over taxes, he KNOWS he'll never survive another GOP primary, even one for dog catcher. His only hope is to secure a seat at the table of power in DC in some future RINO administration. He is as desperate with this move as Kasich is to accept it.

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Anonymous said...

From Bentley's actions since he was elected, I have decided he is a real wuss and is no conservative. I supported Tim James and hoped Bentley would be good after he was elected. Hell, Bentley even looks like a wuss because he has no chin! He is only one small step better than a democrat.

- Old Greybeard